Dearest husband,

Exercising is my vice.
in a good way of course.
It's addicting but at the same time it totally sucks. It's a nasty cycle.
I guess It's like hiking a mountain.
You start off totally pumped and ready to go. For the first mile or so your going strong and loving it. Then you kinda start to get cranky and tired and all in all eventually end up wanting to just stop and give up. But! you finish! And you feel tired and weak, but very pleased with yourself. And then a few weeks go by and you start to reminisce about the trip and you remember how fun it really was and how you want to do it again.
See where I'm going with this??
It's a cycle I battle everyday. I love the before/after feeling of the long runs and challenging strength training.
but I hate the process?
Maybe if I had a workout buddy :cough:YOU:cough: It would become more enjoyable.
eh eh?? yes? no? maybe?
I need a running buddy at least!

Love your wife

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