thoughts at 12:02 am

Dear hubby,

It is currently 12:02am.
You might think your future wifey has a slight case of insomnia with the minimal amount of sleep I've been getting these past few days.
But that could benefit you someday!

I'm not an early bird nor a night owl. I'm a
getupgotosleepwheneverIfeellikeit bird.

It's now 12:04!
Do you know what that means??

It's AUGUST 1st!!!!!!

19 more days till you get to see me in white!{and nakie!}

Do you still love me as much as you did before we got engaged?
Are you still doubt free? What things about me irk you?
And do you like orange otter-pops?
(as dumb as this question sounds it's crucial! So answer carefully)

Love wife


Starts with a 'L' and ends in a 'ingerie'

Dear hubby,

Today I went shopping for a certain something(s) special for you...
Certain things your going to L-O-V-E!

This is what I'm imagining your reaction being when you see me in my certain frock and frill.

Love wifey

p.s 21 days!


Letters to life

Dear husband,
I miss you like crazy!! Can it just be August 20th already?!?

Dear month of July,
Hurry up!! You've over stayed your welcome!
My bestie is getting married to the love of her life on July 31st!! Yay!! I love you guys and am so happy for you!! So, with that said. July 31st will always be a dear day to my future family and I!

Dear birth control,
I'm really really disliking you right now. Why oh why do you do these things to my body??

Dear these next 20 days,
Please oh please come quickly!! I want to see my man!

Love me


Our story

Dear husband,

I've decided to post our story for our lovely blog readers
who I'm sure are curious as to how we met and such ;)

It's sort of a lengthy watered down version but still has plenty of cute details.
Due to it's length I'll be posting it in sections.

***I did my best on converting these docx files to jpeg files so some of the post may be hard to read
{sorry!!!} but don't fret! You can double click the image to get a bigger version of the post!!

Love wife

1 out of 6

2 out of 6

3 out of 6

*Remember! You can always click on the story to enlarge it!

4 out of 6

5 out of 6

6 out of 6

library card

Dear hubby,

Love wifey


hi.. again

Dear husband,

This is perfection.

Love wifey

and counting...

Dear husband,

Staying with you and your family was a blast!
I was sad to leave but at the same time excited.
odd, I know.
but here is my reason.
We have 23 days till we see each other again and when we see each other it will be on August 20th- our wedding day!
In the mean time, the build-up begins...

I'll be down south and you'll be up north.
Our only means of communication will be through skype and phone.

No kissing, hugging, cuddling or even holding hands.

Is it going to be hard?

YES!! Incredibly hard!
but knowing the next time I see you we'll be husband and wife makes it all melt away.

and thus- the build-up begins.

Now it's crunch time. 23 days and counting...
Love wife


Snip snip!

Dear husband,

A simple request by you penetrated fear and anxiety deep into my sole.
Remember that request?
Well if you have forgotten- I'll remind you.
It went a little something like this.

"Future wife, my hair is getting a little to long. I want YOU to learn to cut it so we don't have to waste money at the barber"

I denied the request for as long as humanly possible- and then a few days later I found myself hovered over your head with a pair of scissors in one hand and a comb in the other nervous for the possible outcome.

But alas! I was not alone.

For there was someone patient enough to guide me and show me the tricks of the trade to cutting your hair!
And for that, you should thank her. {it was your mom by the way}

In the end..
Cutting your hair wasn't as bad or as hard as I thought!
Hope those extremely short/baldish areas grow out asap!!
needless to say- it was a great experience! and I'll be happy to cut your hair for the rest of me life!
And we'll save some cash-o-la!

Love your personal barber


Purple haze

Dear hubby

Right now I'm in a haze.
A good haze.
A love haze.

I have never loved you more!
Your dreamy, your sweet and your a little crazy- but your everything I want and need.

Off to go camping with you and your awesomely rugged self.

love nature girl


to be continued

Dear husband,

Your here! and I couldn't be happier!
You make everything a million times better!
and I've loved every second we've spent together.
(Despite no A/C, humidity and 100+ degree weather)

We depart for the long 6 hour journey back to your house tonight and then we're off on our camping extravaganza!
Can't wait to conquer mountains, trails and ooey-gooey s'mores!

Love ya babe!


Adventures are a brewin'!

Dear husband,

As I type, you're currently en-route to visit me!!

I can barley contain myself!!

Seriously, today at the internship I couldn't stand still- I was dancing, smiling and laughing while cleaning instruments and patients teeth.
Ya, I'm sure we lost business because of me- but eh they don't understand.
Just knowing I would get to see you tonight makes me want to dance around and laugh!!
Weird huh?! but totally understandable.

What we've got planned...

1) Some cuddling
2) Wedding planning

3) Some kissy kissy

4) Lots of laughing
5) lots of yummy food

6) My bridal Shower

7) lots of family togetherness time!
8) and unfortunately we both have to wo
rk a little.. but we'll be together- Just a measly few steps away from each other and not crazy amounts of miles!

and then...

Were taking the long trek back to your house (me included!!)
and were going to...
1) Garden

2) pick out your suit!

3) Go campiiiiing
4) and hikiiiiing

5) and a heaps and heaps of outdoorsie things with your fam!

Needless to say, I'm more than thrilled to be in your arms this next while.

and for obvious reason, I'm not going to be posting regularly- but I'll defiantly keep things updated!

Love wife

p.s lots of pictures are required- seriously. Paparazzi status.



Dear husband,

I like this :)

Love wife

Moon dance

Dear hubby,

You be the sun
I'll be the moon-
-Just let your light
come shinning through;
and when night comes,
just like the moon,
I'll shine the light
right back to you.

Love your moon


Dear husband,

I'm so excited to get settled in our new apartment!!
I'm even more excited to decorate it and make it our home!
I know we don't have absolutely any money right now to spend on unnecessary decorating items(seriously) but I couldn't help but window shop.
A girl can dream right?!

Here are some absolutely adorably unique items that i have fallen in love with- I'm also completely in love with everything categorized under 'home decor' over at Plasticland! (If you havnt been to this website- I highly recommend it! Cutest stuff eva!!!)
Love wifey



Dear hubby,

Love wifey

Where to settle

Dear husband,

We should live in a awesomely named city like these!!

Truth Or Consequences, NM

Earth, TX

Odd, WV
Okay, OK

Ideal, GA

Cool, CA

Welcome, NC
Success, MO
Hooker, OK
No name, CO
Why, AZ

Aren't they just amazing!!
It would make addressing things 100 times better!

Love wife


National holiday

Dear hubby,

Today is one of my favorite national holidays!
Freeeee 7-eleven slurpee day!!!
Get it? today is July 11th as in 7-11?
Haha yeah..

So we scored some free slurpage- which most definitely hit the spot since it is both hot and humid.
And now... I'm in complete slurpee bliss.

Now, if only we had the following day off to recuperate from chronic brain freeze.

I'll have to write a letter or an e-mail to Obama.
Oh well, maybe next year!

Love brain frozed wife

tick toc

Dear husband,

39 days, 19 hrs till we're married!!

love wife!


Saturday song

Dear husband,

My bestie and I have a long long list of 'our songs'
And this song in particular makes our hearts melt.
We'd swoon at the soft flowy beat with hopes of having love that is so tenderly described in the melody.
Well that dreamt unrealistic feeling that we both thought would never come, came.
We're both engaged to the loves of our lifes at the same time.
We've gone through everything together and it's so neat for us to be at the same milestone!
Out of all our favorite songs this one happens to be one of our highest ranked favorite!

When I hear this song I can't help but think of the love you and I have between us and I can't wait for it grow even deeper!

I present to you- Earth Angel by The Penguins

Love wife


Belle and Sebastian

Dear husband,

If you find yourself caught in love
Say a prayer to the man above
Thank him for everything you know
You should thank him for every breath you blow
Love wife

Odd ball

dearest husband,
Sorry I've been writing lots of list lately!

10 odd things I love.

I love learning about human anatomy
I love the way the world looks in the
I love a good hard exhausting workout
I love dumpster diving
I love eating yogurt threw my teeth
I love feeling the fabric of clothing before purchasing and the feel of it often determines whether or not I purchase that item.
I love learning about diseases, viruses and parasites
I love staying up really really late- although I never can, but I try
I love eating Jell-o threw a straw when it's slightly liquidy
I love the smell of home-depot and freshly printed on paper

10 odd thing I dislike
(Note: some of these items I strongly dislike but have chosen not to say hate coughfeetcough}

I dislike feet
I dislike stinky breath
I dislike ear wax and boogers
I dislike the smell of formaldehyde
I dislike the color combo red and green with exceptions of using them near or during the Christmas holiday.
I dislike brushing my hair
I dislike artificial orange and grape flavored candy and drinks
I dislike "mouth and throat noises" some people make when eating or drinking
I dislike Darth Vader level heavy breathers
I dislike sharing drinks with others (with some exceptions of course!)

love wife

Always always

Dear hubby,

You are...
Love wifey


Dear husband,

I know I swore of hiking due to a recent hard core hiking adventure.
Is it bad that I want to hike it again and go through that same torture?
Weird huh.
I just can't give up something I absolutely love- even if it causes me to want to give up and die on the trail! {seriously}

But the reasons for my insanity is actually quite logical.

1. I love the feeling of summting a mountain.
2. You feel so small when your in the middle of the wilderness.
3. You can summit in a day- although it's extremely exhausting.
4. We can kiss on the highest point in the southern part of the state :)
5. I lost like 15 lbs on that dang hike but have most likely gained it all back and then some.

We should do it when your down visiting!!

But bring hiking boots- tennis shoes will make your toe nails fall off.

Annnnd heres another pointer. I you feel like giving up, just keep repeating
I can do hard things
and you'll be surprised to find that you've made it to your car... alive.

Love your granola wife


Rings and engravings

Dear husband,

The other day I stumbled upon an some pretty odd but alluring wedding rings.

And I found some strange but funny wedding band engravings via e-weddingbands.
Some of my favorites are
  • Your mine sucker!
  • Happy now? Good.
  • My muffin, my husband.
  • Say bye-bye to freedom babe.
  • The key to the chastity belt!
  • No dead sharks here. (What the heck?!?)
  • Bow chick bow wow.
  • Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • Pull my finger.
  • One word. Vodka.
Obviously people are.... how you say? um..

However, when life gives you coconuts
(crazies) make some dang good piña colada!!
So thank you to all those coconuts out there for making me laugh and providing me with endless amounts of that refreshing Spanish drink!

Love your chastity-belt wearing, piña colada drinking future wife

P.s I am absolutely in love with the perfect man and the gorgeous ring he picked out for me.


Not a fan

Dear hubby,

For future reference here's a list of food's I'm not to fond of.
  • Mayo and or Miracle whip
  • Cheesecake- makes me gag
  • Lasagna- Bad experience. Lasagna vomit everywhere.
  • Canned tuna (sometimes I can eat it id its fresh) stinky stinky.
  • Bologna- as well as some other lunch meats.
  • Potato salad-ew.
  • Macaroni salad- sick!
  • Nuts in my brownies and other baked goods. It's a tricky one though- sometimes I will like them and sometimes I hate them.
I'm fully aware that you love some of these food mentioned above- I will make sacrifices and cook anything and everything for you. (I will just make something else or have my own variation.)

I only have one exception.

You have to drain the nasty tuna juice out of the nasty tuna can yourself.

Love your picky eater


Dear husband,

Something old, something new
something borrowed and something blue.

This is a old tradition for brides.
Who woulda thought?

Love wife

p.s 43 days till we're married for eterity!



Run run as fast as you can

Dear hubsters,

Meet my new love.
{No it's not Paul}


Running and I have a hot/cold love/hate thing going on.

Our relationship will be going strong one week and then totally go MIA the next!

What gives?

Well.. I figured out the problem in our relationship.
It's me.
That was hard for me to say.

No. But seriously- I love to run! I've always loved to run. I figured out that my problem was that I was thinking to much about it.
How long should I
run? What time and when? Will I be to busy? etc etc
Now, I just pick up and run- no planning, no timing just running till my legs give in. It feels good- I love the feeling after a long run. Hopefully, running and I can continue to work out our differences and just go with the flow.
Love wife

old love

Dear husband,

I'm a sucker for old romance.

Arnt they dreamy??

Love wife



Dear husband,

I'm excited to 1) start a family with you and 2) pass on as well as create family traditions!!

I love traditions!

For example every year for the 4th of July, my family sits on the roof to watch the fireworks!

And every year we wonder if this will be the year the roof on our old 40's house caves in- but, it never does. July 4th miracle?
I think so!
Maybe this will be the year???
Can't wait to find out!

Love wife



Dear husband,

49 days!


love wife