Run run as fast as you can

Dear hubsters,

Meet my new love.
{No it's not Paul}


Running and I have a hot/cold love/hate thing going on.

Our relationship will be going strong one week and then totally go MIA the next!

What gives?

Well.. I figured out the problem in our relationship.
It's me.
That was hard for me to say.

No. But seriously- I love to run! I've always loved to run. I figured out that my problem was that I was thinking to much about it.
How long should I
run? What time and when? Will I be to busy? etc etc
Now, I just pick up and run- no planning, no timing just running till my legs give in. It feels good- I love the feeling after a long run. Hopefully, running and I can continue to work out our differences and just go with the flow.
Love wife

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