Adventures are a brewin'!

Dear husband,

As I type, you're currently en-route to visit me!!

I can barley contain myself!!

Seriously, today at the internship I couldn't stand still- I was dancing, smiling and laughing while cleaning instruments and patients teeth.
Ya, I'm sure we lost business because of me- but eh they don't understand.
Just knowing I would get to see you tonight makes me want to dance around and laugh!!
Weird huh?! but totally understandable.

What we've got planned...

1) Some cuddling
2) Wedding planning

3) Some kissy kissy

4) Lots of laughing
5) lots of yummy food

6) My bridal Shower

7) lots of family togetherness time!
8) and unfortunately we both have to wo
rk a little.. but we'll be together- Just a measly few steps away from each other and not crazy amounts of miles!

and then...

Were taking the long trek back to your house (me included!!)
and were going to...
1) Garden

2) pick out your suit!

3) Go campiiiiing
4) and hikiiiiing

5) and a heaps and heaps of outdoorsie things with your fam!

Needless to say, I'm more than thrilled to be in your arms this next while.

and for obvious reason, I'm not going to be posting regularly- but I'll defiantly keep things updated!

Love wife

p.s lots of pictures are required- seriously. Paparazzi status.

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