Mr. and Mrs. Arnett

Dear husband,
I've found a bunch of metal letters online for cheap cheap. All the letters come from and we're once used on old signs and billboards.
How awesome would these look in our future apartment?
yes? no?
I like 'em!

Love future Mrs. Arnett!
p.s Promise me you'll put up with my crazy love for thrifting/antiquing.


Dear hubby,

Beso beso!

Love wife

Miles and miles away

Dearest husband,

Long distance relationships are hard. It's makes me really appreciate things like cell phones and skype.
Could you imagine if we lived in the 1800's?? Seriously, so thankful for skype- although it still isn't as good as the real thing. We cant touch or kiss or be physically near one another. But I can't complain right? It's better than writing letters to you every day!

Long distance always makes me nervous. Will it work? Will we get sick of each other? Will we realize we're not meant to be together? Will we find someone better? Will we think some one better is out there? Ahh! So many worries and fears! Why they pop into my head? I dunno. They just do.I only hope this long distance thing helps strengthen our relationship and not derails it.If anyone we're to derail this train it would be me. I'm such a worrier!{sorry husband} and if anything, me worrying about our relationship will destroy our.
I hope these next 82 days go fast. and I mean super sonic light-gears fast.

Love wife


You know what else is intense? Camping.

Dear husband,
I'm so thrilled to have found a man that is as outdoors-y as I am!!
I can't wait to go camping with you, hike mountains with you, rock climb with you! Oh! There's so much to do and so much to see and conquer!
Maybe we should hike Mt. Whitney for our honeymoon! Yes yes?
{I'm being sarcastic}
Anyway I love the outdoors. You love the outdoors- I think we're perfect for each other.

Love earth child aka



Dear husband,

The other day I had some time to kill before my work-out. So naturally i turned on the tube and found myself watching a cooking show {of course!} on the FitTv network. During a commercial break i saw a preview for a belly dancing exercise program called Shimmy. So I decided to tivo it and try later that evening.
Annnnd I'm in LOVE!
Not only is it a great ab, thigh, arm and butt toner but it's very sensual and sultry. Annnd I basically know my way around most of the dance move due to my Tahitian/hula dancing background.
So... this is a keeper. And I'm excited to connect with my exotic gypsy alter persona!

Love wife!

{p.s I'm excited to shimmy for you}

I yearn for some ying and yang.

Dear husband,

I'm sorry for the way I've been acting towards you thee past few days.
I've come to the realization that I'm not who I want to be. I want to be kinder, funnier, happier- I want to be a good person.
I need a self makeover.
Foundations that were once sturdy have been shooken' and possibly cracked.
I'm lost and frankly I'm kind of scared.
This question keeps popping into my head-

Would I like me if I was a friend/roommate/fiance of me?

No. I don't think I would.

I know it seems I'm being a little harsh on myself {ok a lot} but I really want to better things in every aspect- physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and personal relationships.
I guess I have a lot to work on. A lot to think about and a lot to pray about.

Love wife


pass the salad.

Dear hubby

Getting into shape is tough work!
I've always been active but the excitement/stress of the fact that someone other than myself is going to see me in my birthday suite scares me!! I find myself pushing my limits to the point of perspiration- yes! to the point of sweat dripping down my face.
For those of you who don't know- I'm not a sweaty person. SO when I sweat- it means I'm working HARD!

I know however many muscles I gain
(or don't) or how many lbs are lost (or not lost..), you'll end up loving the end results no matter what.

Love wife.


Yummy in my tummy

Dear husband,

I miss cooking with you. It's one of my favorite things to do.
I find that when we're not together, I make pretty drab 'pre-meeting you foods', things like cereal and pancakes.
We make some pretty crazy delicious things.
I cant wait to cook with you {naked!!}
Yum yum!

Love your future {naked} chef


green grass grew all around

Dear husband,

I love to lay in the grass on a perfectly warm day. I love to watch the clouds scoot across the sky. I love to hear the birds singing. I love to observe the busy lives of the insect climbing on blades of grass.
:Sigh: I love the summertime...
Something about it all relaxes me.
Wish you we're here with me listening to my backyard.

{Photo by me}

Love, earth child aka wife


Mixed tape

Dear husband,

Love wife

I like apple turnovers...

Dear husband,

Us lady folk are well aware of the simple and straight forward way to a mans heart.
With a knife-through his stomach!
Am I right??
Don't deny it- I know I won you over with those amazing apple turnovers 8 months ago.

{And bravo to you for sweetly manipulating me and my roomie into taking a few of our finished product over to your apartment that night.

Anyway, I thought you may be in need of some assistance in knowing the ways of a woman's heart. Of course it's a lot more complicated and a little more intertwined than the male species- but that's what differentiates us from you.

{well that and our differences in anatomy and such}

I know you may think you don't need this map of our kind, sensitive hearts. But let me tell you- with every happy flowery field there is, there's always a dark scary forest. So I'm giving you this map so that you can avoid those dark scary forest- and I know your "natural male instinct" is to not ask for direction and to avoid using the map, but trust me, your going to want to use it.

Love you and good luck!

Love wife


The one.

Dear husband,

I don't know if I've ever shared this little story with you but here it goes.
When I was around the age of 14 I was taught something in one of my church meetings that has stuck with me to this day. I remember one of my leaders specifically saying that we could pray for our future spouse- we should pray for their safety, their faith and the courage to stay morally clean.

Now I wouldn't pray for my future spouse EVERY night, but occasionally it would pop into my head and I would remember to work it in. So I prayed for you. I'd prayed that we would find each other, I'd pray for your safety, I'd pray for you to realize that I'm "the one". and the list goes on..

many years later, we we're in the same class. I didn't know who you we're but I was oddly drawn to you. But something was holding me back;I had just broken up with someone. Someone I was dating for a while. I was discourage and was done with dating. I didn't want to deal with any more heartbreaks or break ups. I had given up.

I was lonely and tired of dating. So one day I prayed, i prayed hard for me to meet that special someone. I prayed that you would walk into my life- I confessed I was done with dating and ready to meet the "one". The one who I would decided to marry, to start a family with and to love forever. And that's the day I decided I needed to step out of my comfort zone and talk to you. It wasn't much- simple sentences. But from then on I would see you every where and we would talk.

7 months later here we are! Engaged to be married in the Lords temple!
It wasn't an easy 7 months. There were a lot of up's and down's and uncertainties in our relationship- especially from my point of view. I had doubts- and I 'm sorry. I wasn't sure if you we're the one I've been praying for. I didn't know if I wanted to marry you- and sometimes I thought of breaking up with you. I just didn't get that confirmation that you we're Mr. Right. Sometimes I loved you and didn't want to leave your side, and other days you we're annoying, and smart-alecky. I couldn't stand it and I would cry. I would pray and pray and pray to Heavenly father to give me a sign or that "feeling" of knowing you we're the "one". He never gave me that sign or feeling and it discouraged me and questioned my love for you.

Till one day I realized that I had forgotten that I had prayed and asked for us to meet- not specifically you and I. But for my future husband and I. And He gave me you. I don't know why I have so much doubt. Perhaps it's because I lack faith in myself and sometimes in the Lord. Or perhaps love is desensitized to me. I expect chick flick love when in all reality it's not like that. It's simple and has much more meaning for those involved. There we're no fireworks, no thundering voice. Just this realization of that simple prayer.
I love you- sometimes I forget that prayer and question myself. But just know that I love you and can't wait for August.

Love wife

you are...

Dear husband,

You are handsome/Your always on my
mind/ you are what I've been praying
for/ you are the love of my life/you
are my sunshine/ you are brave/you
make me weak in the knees when we
kiss/ you are my painted warrior/you
complete me/ you are my partner in
crime/ you are the one who slept in
the love sac/ you are my other half/
you are handsome/ you are the one
that I want/ you are kind/ you are
respectful/ you are an amazing cook/
you make me smile/ you are always
on my mind/ you are in love with me;
and I'm in love with you.

Love wife

It's hard

Dear husband,

love wife.



Dear husband,

I'm sorry.
As you are aware, i love vintage.
But I think I should let you know that my "love" runs a little deeper- well a lot deeper.
I'm obsessed...
Clothes, decor, movies, cars.. everyt
I've always tried to fit in with ev
eryone- till one day I decided i'm not like everyone that walked the halls in my high school. I'd much rather listen to classic rock and oldies than hip-hop or whatever else was popular! So I decided to be myself.
It's a slow process of reflecting my pe
rsonality in my style- but I'll eventually get there. Sometimes it's hard to have a different taste in style and to let go of the so set boundaries the media creates. But i'm slowly breaking away and am loving every step.

{My style inspiration}

I'm sorry if you find this odd, but hey! it's who I am!
Love wife


Dear husband,

I hate playing scrabble- I think it's because I stink at spelling-but I adore this picture!

Love wife

Blink, blink, blink

Dear hubby,

Today while eating my lunch I developed a list of 5 quirky things I love about you.

1. You like pb&honey more so than the ever famous pb&j
2. They way you think most chick-flicks are ridiculous- which they are, but I still love em'!!!
3. Your obsession with your facial hair
4. You like to brush your teeth while laying down
5. Your odd love for taking pictures/videos of flowers and sending them via text message.

And now 5 quirky things about me.

1. I like to keep things clean and organized but sometimes I hate doing housework- there in lies the conundrum
2. Most of the time I have to sleep with one leg out of my covers.
3. I think feet are disgusting. Especially mine.
4. I like to sit on the bathroom counter to get ready. Partly because my vision kind of stinks.
5. I tend to collect useless vintage/thrift store items and use them in my decorating.

Love wife


Daydream believer

Dear husband,

While at work I was thinking about our beach trip last week and my mind started wondering and eventually got stuck on Tahiti and how they have these beautiful beach bungalows. Do you remember when we we're talking about the bungalows is Bora-bora?
I would love to be there with you. and I envy this couple in the picture.
One of these days, we will be that couple!

Love wife


Dear husband,

I promise to...

1. Never ever 'bump-it'

2. Never ever

3. and never ever
twist it

{All images courtesy of google}

I do however, promise to always play
Bop-it with you!

Love wife


Dear husband,

I can't wait for those stormy nights where we get to lay in each others arms and quietly listen to the rain.

Love wife


Yes I would like a salad

Dear husband,

I have a confession.
I'm kind of a health nut. Not a crazy one- but a definite health nut.

Yes I do self diagnose myself and yes they are usually extreme diagnosis like brain tumors or diverticulitis but that's not what I'm talking about.
There is a difference between slight hypochondriac and health nut.

Being a health nut means caring what I put into my body, exercising like crazy and doing things to boost my mental, physical, spiritual and personal well being. I don't count calories per-say, but I roughly try to eat 1500 calories a day. And yes, sometimes I give in to fating foods, but I figure it's all about the quantity you eat.

I want to be healthy! I feel amazing when I eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink water till my pee turns clear! I strive for total health!

But my condition, of course, cannot go without blame. I blame my health nuttiness and slight hypochondrizum on my Health Science major and professors. They have taught me all the risk factors with not being healthy,and on top of that I had to learn all sorts of diseases and illness along with their signs and symptoms.

Anyway, I'm sorry.
I'm still developing the habit and lifestyle. I want to remain fit and healthy through-out my life!

Love wife


Come get your dog!

Dear husband,

Thank you for driving the 6 hours to surprise me for my birthday!
It was an amazing few days- I only wish we didn't have to leave each other.
But guess what....! 97 days till we're sealed for eternity!

{found on my desktop. I don't know the source}

Love wifey


The classic silver screen

Dear husband,

I'm a sucker for old movies!
I think the perfect time to watch the classic Hollywood movies is on
Sunday's or rainy days.
Will you curl up on the couch and watch them with me?

Love wife

Don't worry, be HAPPY!

Dear husband,

I'm not a fan of negativity. I try to be as optimistic as possible, but sometimes it's hard.

Can we as a family promise to learn from and love any challenge God may give us???

I remember seeing this 'ABC's to Happiness' poster in a professors office once. I took a glance at it but due to my
poor vision, I really couldn't see much. Without thinking anything of it, I stumbled upon the poster while purosing the internet yesterday. I absolutely love it! It speaks such truth!
So.. here it is- not in poster form of course.

Accept you reality
Be present. Be bold

Create something exciting
Drink plenty of water. Dance

Exercise daily. Eat fresh foods

Feel you emotions. Face fears
Go outside and observe nature. Give

Hug often. Help others
Ignite your passions
Jump through your comfort zone
Kiss passionately. Keep moving forward
Laugh. Love. Learn to let go

Meditate daily. Make goals
Never give up on what you want
Own a pet. Observe beauty
Pray. Paint. Play and instrument

Quit a bad habit. Quiet your mind
Read. Relax. Reinvent yourself
Smile. Sleep. Simplify

Take power naps. Talk wisley and kindly

Unleash your strengths
Vent. Visualize your dreams

Walk. Write. Watch the sun set
Xerox your smiling face
Yell less. Yield to your
Zap negativity

ove wife


Aloha wau ia oe'

Dear husband,

Te amo!
Jeg elsker dig!
Ya tebe kokhayu!
Te dua!
I love you!

Love forever, wife


People watching

Dear husband,

I love people watching with you!
Especially when we play the game "What animal/creature does that person look like?"
I sure do miss playing this game with you..

Love, wife

Love me do

Dear husband,

As your well aware, I'm a huge Beatles fan- but there is one Beatle in particular that has a special place in my heart. Paul McCartney.
Your going to have to forgive me, but I love Paul.
{Yes, we are on first name bases, because that how close we are.} But don't worry, Paul couldn't have me even if he wanted me.
Yes he's rich, and yes him and the Beatles are legends but I think it was him who said it best-
"'Cause I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love"

So husband just remember all I want is you and I promise to give you all my lovin' 8 days a week!

Love, I want you so bad.

p.s I love you


Don't worry, be happy.

Dear husband,

Thank you for being the stable one in the relationship. I'm sorry for anymore future break-downs, stressed-out crankiness, PMS 'don't touch me' moments and frustrations in the near future.

f anything like this happens to the point of me driving you crazy remember these few simple things:
A Glamour magazine and dark chocolate.

You can either give me these items and send me off to take a hot bubble bath or you can play with my hair and I should be fine in a half hour or so. I know this kind of sounds weird and

demanding but I promise it works.

Love wife

Eleanor Rigby

Dear husband,

Your lucky your marrying into a woman with a car. Although that car is often temperamental and sort of not reliable. It's a car. and a cute one at that.
I'm glad you have patience with the car when I don't- Because if that bright orange 1968 Beetle breaks down again I'm going to have to 'Old Yeller' it or in other words take it out back and shoot the heck out of it!
I only hope you'll be there to talk me out of it. Cause I love that car. It means a lot to me- it was a daddy daughter project- and I hope it survives long enough for our children to drive it!

Love wife



Dear husband,

{le love}

I think this explains it all.

love wife!

Rock-a-bye baby

Dear husband,

I love seeing you hold your nephews!

The way you played with them, held them and made silly faces at them just to make them laugh made my heart melt.

I'm excited for us to have children of our own. Your going to be a wonderful father and husband.

I loved when you whispered in my ear telling me that you want one {in regards to babies}. Although, I'm not going to lie, the words "I want one" kinda made my stomach go uneasy but at the same time made me swoon. I love that your excited for fatherhood and I love that family means everything to you.

I love you and our future off-spring!

Love forever and always,


Travel bug

Dear Husband,

Can we travel the world? There is so much culture and history I want to see with you.

Love wife

{Simplesmente Lila}

Go team go!

Dear Husband,

Thanks for adopting the Lakers as your favorite NBA team for me!
I love watching basketball and I love love love when you watch it with me. Especially when we wear our matching Lakers shirt while we watch the game!

Love, Wife!



Dear Husband,

I love color!
I know that sounds a bit odd but i do & lots of it!
So expect to see a lot of it- especially in our apartment decor!

Love Wife!