Wonder Woman with a twist of Macgyver

Dear Husband,

My attempts to become domestic are rather pathetic- But I can assure you I'm taking baby steps to become your overall Wonder Woman-
Master of everything womanly! You should be proud of me- today I trekked the land of the unknown. Sewing.
Too many, sewing is a simple task, but for me, wel
l, lets just say my attempts to sew have ended in many tears, waste of fabric and blood shed. Anyway, The button on my favorite short gradually came loose to the point where buttoning them was pointless so I sewed the button back on! yes I sewed it back on successfully! and since I had no thread, I frantically searched for something I could possibly sew it on with. So... after minutes of thinking and digging around my junk drawer I found dental floss! And waaalaa!

I'm so proud of myself! No longer will the "Honey, Can you sew my button back on?" question make me pretend i broke all 10 of my fingers or have a sudden out break of arthritis.

p.s I have also decided I'm going to be Wonder Woman with a twist of Macgyver.

-Love Wife.

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