I like apple turnovers...

Dear husband,

Us lady folk are well aware of the simple and straight forward way to a mans heart.
With a knife-through his stomach!
Am I right??
Don't deny it- I know I won you over with those amazing apple turnovers 8 months ago.

{And bravo to you for sweetly manipulating me and my roomie into taking a few of our finished product over to your apartment that night.

Anyway, I thought you may be in need of some assistance in knowing the ways of a woman's heart. Of course it's a lot more complicated and a little more intertwined than the male species- but that's what differentiates us from you.

{well that and our differences in anatomy and such}

I know you may think you don't need this map of our kind, sensitive hearts. But let me tell you- with every happy flowery field there is, there's always a dark scary forest. So I'm giving you this map so that you can avoid those dark scary forest- and I know your "natural male instinct" is to not ask for direction and to avoid using the map, but trust me, your going to want to use it.

Love you and good luck!

Love wife

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