Last Saturday we went to Target and picked up some new socks!
Our sock population has plummeted at rapid rates since we've been married.
Who knows where they go! But I was down to 3 socks. Yes 3. I usually wear my Tevas to class but I need Need NEED socks to work-out in every day, so I alternated the 3 pathetic socks till laundry day.
So yay! We got new socks!

Yesterday I was doing a bit of cleaning while the Hubs worked. I re-organized our closet, folded laundry, took down our fort (frown), re-

organized our guest room and dusted.
All was dandy!
Till...I had discovered one of my socks was miss

ing it's mate!
How could this be?!?! Were did it go?!? What will I do?!?
After questioning my sanity (for worrying this much about socks) I pulled myself together and thought its probably running loose in one of our drawers.
That night I was working on homework as always and the hubs was finishing up some work related stuff.
Artie was very gassy that night and was tootin

g the smelliest toots my nose has ever smelt. (and that means a lot coming from my family)
To prevent us from being gassed out of our house I opened the front door to let a crisp breeze in.
Artie (out if excitement) stood up and headed for the do

or and then heaved. Not only did he barf once but he barfed twice in a matter of seconds. 2 huge piles of nasty steaming on our carpet.
AND! whats worse, is he started to gobble the nasty right back up as if he hadnt eaten all day!
The hubs tackled him and put him on his leash then proceeded to clean it up.
After some examination of the vomit he found some pebbles, lots and lots of grass and a SOCK!!

Yippee! We found the sock!
we examined what we could of the saturated sock and made a firm diagnosis that he did in fact eat one of my new socks.
Unfortunately, it was unsalvageable (if you could only imagine)
Arite proceeds to be super gassy unfortunately.
Love Husband, Wife and Artie-fartie

Photo by Lisa Rupp

Lesson learned.

Dear hubby,

This morning you had training for work.

While you were gone I took a shower long hot shower.
During my shower I heard a knock at the door.
So I hopped out and wrapped my hair up and wrapped my self up with our soft towels.
I peaked out the window and could only see a small portion of what seemed to be your brown and white striped shirt.
"He must of forgoton his key" I thought
So I whipped the door open only to find that it was not you but our up-stairs neighbor.
It took a sec to register the fact that
A. Who was this person at our door
B. It defiantly wasn't you
and C. I was in a towel and I'm standing here like an idiot.

I was so embarrassed.
I screamed, shut the door quickly annnnd accidently squished Arties neck in the door.

I hid in our bedroom till you came home.
I will never ever ever open our front door in a towel (or scantily clad) again.
Lesson learned.

Love wifey


Here's to happiness!

Happiness list!!!
10 things that make my Husband happy!

1. Back-scratches. Lots and lots of them!
2. Long hugs
3. Our puppies incredible ability to learn quickly
4. Seeing me hold babies
5. Being outdoors (on nice days)
6. Sipping Pero on a cold day
7. My cooking ;)
8. The 4th of July (our favorite holiday!)
9. Sharing our scrumptious fresh baked goods with our neighbors
10. and Me!


Baby it's getting cold outside

Dear hubs,

So it's 11 o'clock in the morning and
currently a blazing 29 degrees outside.

Do you know what that means??
Lots and lots of snuggling

P.S I love Autumn time! I love the rich colors and

breaking out the cute winter clothes!
Love you like chocolate love peanut butter!


Call me a baby..

Dear Husband,

I'm 22 years old.
Old enough to keep my eyes open during the whole scary movie right?
I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies.
Basically, I'll have nightmares/daymares about it for months.
I can't even watch CSI without being paranoid some guy is going to kidnap me and stab me profusely with a dull pencil.
Is it weird that the Disney movie Hocus Pocus still gives me the heebie jeebies?

Not in a 'I-want-to-cover-my-eyes' scary but I dunno just a little 'cringe up my back scary'.
I love the movie though!
oh the dilemma!
But without fail I must watch the movie before Halloween/on Halloween. It's a tradition dating back to my early years and I hope to pass this tradition on to our children!

Love you like worms love dirt!



Dear hubby,

I've finally finished my super duper long paper that i've been procrastinating on.
Now I can breath, laugh, talk, eat and drink Pero.
Aaaah.. the simple thing

s in life that are impossible for me to do when I'm focusing on an assignment.
Seriously- I skipped dinner because I was so caught up in my paper and didn't want to lose focus. And as soon as I finished my tummy let out a huge roar but i don't think you heard- you were playing some computer game.
Love ya lots!


This is Artigus.
He's named after a Uruguayan George Washington. Husband suggested it and I agreed only if we could nickname him Artie.
We ended up just calling him Artie because the name fit so well!

He's 5 months and is currently teething. So yes. Lots of chewing.
Don't be fooled by his innocent puppy face.
He's sort of a hand full.
For example This morning Artie kept chewing on everything and when we say everything we mean EVERYTHING.
Carpet, toes, counters, couch, pens, hands, hair, cords, ankles, heater and paper. Basically anything in his reach.
So we though it would be best for him (and for our sanity) if he ran around outside on his very long leash. We both needed to get things done and he was creating stress. So! outside he went! Well, he started to chew on the sidewalk. Yes the concrete sidewalk.
So we said Artie No! and he stopped.
Then he moved on to the tree...and then the grass...., then chased down a few leafs blowing around and then decided to dig to China.
That was a big no no. So he came back inside and slept.
We're praying his teeth come in soon.
Like really really soon.
Love husband and wife

Absence... Sorry!

Dear readers,

Sorry for the month long absence.
We've been super-duper busy with work, dog, school and working out.
Oh. I forgot to mention!
We got a puppy!
His name is Artie!
He's the sweetest terrorizer you would ever meet.
He's part black lab and we think German Shepherd?

We could be wrong. But what ever he is he's dang cute. I'll tell you more about him in another post!
Husband has been busy with work and keeping Artie from chewing my hair (His favorite thing to do)
I have been busy with school (lots and lots of papers) and fighting off Artie as he tries to sneak attack and pounce on my head.
He has it out for me.

Anyway, I'll be writing on here more.- things have finally settled in our abode and Husband and I finally have set schedule for each day.

Love Husband, wife and puppy.