Absence... Sorry!

Dear readers,

Sorry for the month long absence.
We've been super-duper busy with work, dog, school and working out.
Oh. I forgot to mention!
We got a puppy!
His name is Artie!
He's the sweetest terrorizer you would ever meet.
He's part black lab and we think German Shepherd?

We could be wrong. But what ever he is he's dang cute. I'll tell you more about him in another post!
Husband has been busy with work and keeping Artie from chewing my hair (His favorite thing to do)
I have been busy with school (lots and lots of papers) and fighting off Artie as he tries to sneak attack and pounce on my head.
He has it out for me.

Anyway, I'll be writing on here more.- things have finally settled in our abode and Husband and I finally have set schedule for each day.

Love Husband, wife and puppy.

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