Me thinks I have a problemo

Dear husband,

I've developed a little bit of a problem.
This problem is consuming my life and prevents me from getting anything accomplished!
Do you know what it is?

House hunting.
That's what it is.
When I'm in class- I'm thinking about our house.
When I'm at work- I'm thinking about our house.
I plan how I want to decorate and fix-up our house.
I dream.
I read.
Thats all I talk about!!
But can you blame me?!?
I'm just super duper excited!
But I'm sorry you have to hear my ramblings and ideas and concerns.
Your just going to have to suffer.

 Love wife


It's official!

Dear snow hubby,

Now that Thanksgiving has come and went- we can now listen to Christmas music 24/7 without being stoned or booed at!

I have 2 favorite Christmas songs that I plan on playing over and over.

Jingle Bell Rock by the fabulous Bobby Helms 
(In my opinion the best version ever!)
and Baby it's Cold Outside by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer! Have you ever seen the original debut version of this song? It's different but I still love it!
The song debuted in the film Neptune's Daughter. I watched the movie last summer when TCM had an Ester Williams marathon and of course I couldn't resist watching.

I love this time of the year!

Love your festive wife


And were off!

Well folks!

Thanksgiving is here!
and were taking off to eat our weight in turkey, yams and pies!

We've been itching for a little holiday for some time and are super excited to meet up with me fam in Ute!

We'll be back Monday!

P.s Mom, I know your reading this. Can we please make a banana cream pie? My cravings for bananas is through the roof.


Some random things about us!

Kelsey. 22 years young. Big blue eyes. Brown hair. Loves yogurt. Has a very sensitive nose. Beach bum turned future farmer. Loves unordinary things. Likes the smell of Home Depot. Fancy's vintage. Obsessed with the Beatles. Not your average Laker fan. Thinks the universe of her husband.

Benjamin. But goes by his middle name, Scott. Turns 23 in January. Green Eyes. Red hair going brown. Lots of freckles. Likes peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Knows how almost all things work. Loves to snowboard. Good at anything he sets his mind to. Humble. Plays guitar, ukulele, piano and can sing. Loves his wife more than anything.

Artie. 6 months. Gassy. Loves to play in the snow. Plays hide & go seek. Learning to heel. Is going to be an awesome hunting dog. Loves to swim. Follows his owners wherever they go. Loves to watch us cook. Begs and whines for cookie dough. Love to chew card board. Potty trained. Makes weird noises when excited. Loves his owners with all his heart.

We are the Arnetts!


Dear Husband,

Well, I think we officially have a foot or two of snow on the ground!
I think we spent the majority of our days this past week outside in the snow {especially you and Artie}

I'm starting to warm up to this cold white stuff. It makes everything so peaceful and pure.
I especially love our wintery walks with Artie.
I love how he gallops through the deep snow and I love how he tries to catch the snowballs.
Winter has only been with us for a short time, so who knows if I'm still going to adore it by April.

Although, with snow brings cold weather {duh!}
And well, since the heaters built in our apartment will cost our first born child to run, we are without heat.
Which means layers of comfy sweaters, Cuddling in bed till you leave for work and lazy nights wrapped up in blankets!

Winter is so much better married!

Love your layered wife

P.s This weekend we must invest in a space heater

P.p.s I can't wait to camp in our Igloo!

P.p.p.s When we finish our igloo, we must roast marshmallows with our neighbors!


Dear husband,

I have a current obsession that I can't wait to get started on.
Re-vamping furniture.
Whats this you ask?

Well! It's taking something as ugly as this and turning it into something super cute!!

Today I fell in love with yet another decorating blog.
(Your probably rolling your eyes right now)
It's a wonderful blog!
And she does heaps of re-vamping!
It's so inspiring!
Lovest thou wifey


Ball of yarn

Dear husband,

I'm so excited for you to teach me how to crochet!!

It's going to be wonderful and I'm already thinking of things

I can make and create!

Yay! For marrying a crafty man!

p.s This book will be helpful!


All these places

Dear husband,

Top 10 places I would love to travel to!
1. Jerusalem/ Egypt
2. Iceland (check out these breath taking photos)
3. Prague
4. Denmark
5. Rome
6. Asia (China, Thailand, India, Japan)
7. Africa
8. New Zealand
9. Australia (especially the outback)
10. All over South America (Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina)

Soooo basically I want to travel the world.
I know money is limited but a girl can dream right?

Love your (dreaming) world traveler


Dear readers,
We're opening a store on Etsy soon!
We're still fine tuning things but hopefully it will be opening in the new year!
We'll keep ya posted!

Love us!

P.s Didnt the Hubs do an a-mazing job on the blog header?
I think it's perfect!
Thank you babe!


Dear husband,
We're on a hunt....
for a house!
Specifically this one.
And I am so excited!

Love your giddy wife


Remember when

Dearest husband of mine.

Remember that night at the grocery store?
My roomie and I got off work and decided to get ingredients to make apple turn-overs.
You were on the phone carrying your basket of food.
You said Hi to me and I said hello.
I got in line and so did you.
and our conversation went something like this:you: "what'cha makin'?"
me: "Apple turn-overs"
you: "from scratch?"
me: "yup"
you: "oooh I love apple turn-overs!"
me: "is that a hint?"
you: blank stare
me: "we can... bring some over?"
you: "Really?"
me: "yeah"
roomie: whispers "get his number!!"
and the rest is history!

I was so nervous to talk to you.
I'm so glad we we're brought together!
I was so happy that our relationship blossomed from then on.
I never thought that you would be the one.
I never would of thought I'd be your wife.
I'm so glad your the one.


Dear sexy bearded husband!
check these out!


Totally made my day!
Don't the 2 seals look like they're singing a duet?
I thought so.
It reminds me on the Three Amigos- My little Butter-cup scene

Love your wife


Dear hubby,

It's Friday!
Thanksgiving holiday break is here!
I can breath now.
All projects are turned in, all exams have been takenand all papers have been written.
It's a glorious feeling to be done.
I love you I love you I love you!And
I'm glad your not opposed/ totally disgusted that I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today.
In fact, you joined me :)
It was a yummy and totally unhealthy breakfast.
Love your wifey

{ pic}


Workin' for the man

Dear hubs,

I've come to the conclsion that if I don't have homework or some sort of project to work on, my nights are dreadfully boring without you here.
It kinda stinks that you work from 3-11pm every weeknight.

Tonight Artie and I...

Cuddled up in a blanket and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls.
then we took a 2 hour nap (he's a couch hog, so booted him to the floor).
then we attempted to scrapbook but someone cough:artie:cough insisted on trying to eat the paper and glue. So that was a bust.
Then we played with the life-cereal box until he started gaging on the cardboard chunks.
Then I did dishes and to spite me, Artie decided to lick my feet (and you know how much that grosses me out)
Then I made cookies and watched Artie try to shove 2 tennis balls in his mouth.
Now I'm listening to Elton and writing this post while Artie runs his nightly laps around the apartment!
We had a... well... relaxed night. Well I did anyway, Artie's still running laps.

Can't wait till your home!
Love wifey


Uncle Remus... how I love thee

Dear husband,
I'm so happy your family cultured you with classic Disney movies.
I remember watching Song of the South at my grandmas house and not to mention listening to the sound track.
I love this movie and I'm sad it's deemed "racist"
personally, I think it's apart of American History.
This is one of my favorite songs :)
Love your Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da wife

p.s sorry i've been posting so many videos!


Look what we got....!

Isn't it fabulous??
And no. I don't trap the hubby in there.
In this picture Scott was showing Artie that his kennel, aka jail, is a friendly happy place to be.
We absolutely love it!
He sleeps better, we don't have to worry about him escaping his leash and chewing up my unmentionables
the best part of all is that we call it jail!
so when it's time for bed we say
"Atrie! Go to jail!!"
and he'll hope right in the kennel and sit.
It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g!


Squaw get'um firewood!

Dear Peter,
Remember when we had the song what made the red man red stuck in our head last Sunday?
And I had the strong urge to make a feather head band?
Yeah.. That urge is still there so that means it's gonna happen.
Craft time!
Annnd have you ever listened to the lyrics of this song?
I especially love this part
What made the red man red?

Let's go back a million years
To the very first Injun prince
He kissed a maid and start to blush
And we've all been blushin' since
How cute is that?
Anyway, in the spirit of Thanksgiving here's an ode to a minuet but amazing part of my genealogy.

Love your Tiger-lily

Ode to Elton

Dear hubs,

So you know how last week I had a Brittany Spears and JT craving?

Well this week It's Elton John.
Specifically this song.
Tiny Dance.
Probably because you call me your tiny dancer and sing me this song :)
I love it.
Thank you Sir. Elton John for being fabulous!
Love tiny dancer


Saturday song!

Have you guys seen Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
Well.. this song is one of my favorite from the soundtrack
I woke up with this song stuck in my head
I love it!



There is a man roaming around campus that looks just like Mr. Moseby off the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody!
yes... I used to watch the show. Except they we're cute and little and not living on a boat! Don't judge me!
But anyway! yes. "Mr. Moseby" attended the same dance event as I did.
Annnd he was wearing a fancy suit and did Mr. Moseby like faces and hand gesturers! (see picture to right)
I stared at him for the longest time and had a strange urge to ask him for his autograph. But I didn't want to lose my place in the ticket line and after long thought I concluded that it wouldn't make sense an autograph of a famous person look-a-like.
So I continued to stare at him.

Anyway, random random.

Hit me baby one more time

Dear husband,

So for the past few weeks now I've noticed I've been craving to listen to the oldies.
We're not talking about Ella Fitzgerald old but 1990's old.
Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls and Justin TImberlake old (well JT's newer stuff.)
You know… the classics like Hit me baby one more time, Sexy back and Toxic?
Pure pop.So last night while making these delicious muffins I had a dance party.
By myself.
Well… I guess Artie was there.
but that doesn't count.
He was only there because he thought my arms and feet were toys flailing around the room.
It was fun! Took some stress off!
I'm sad you missed out!
although.. I cant really see you dancing to Britney.
yes. yes I can!

Love your pop wife

P.s I think this sudden 'pop' craze came from the Glee's Britney episode.



Dear husband,
I don't know about you but I'm ready for a change of scenery.
Somewhere that we've never visited.
I love potato-a-go-go land but at the same time I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to plant some roots.
And I don't know where I'd like to live...
actually we both don't know where we want to live.

Somewhere with a warm beach would be nice...
But I also want some land so we can have a garden, some chickens and a cow.
We've both decided on no big cities and that it must be sunny and warm at least 300 days out of the year.
So.. theres only one place I could think of.
Perhaps Kaui?
It's not as crowded as O'ahu
but just as beautiful.
But.. there are a lot of pros and cons about living there.
I guess we'll just have to pray and see where the Lord wants us to go.

Love your paradise dreamin' wife

To my boys!

Dear Lakers,

Your 8-0!
You guys are doing a wonderful job! (As always)

and I wish I've had the time to sit down and watch you guys play.

I know... I'm a horrible fan/pretend coach/pretend part-owner.

The husband and I don't have a T.V (by choice)

and I've tried to schedule my workouts around 2nd half so I could watch you while i'm on the elliptical- but it's not the same and I'm kinda blind and really can only see yellow black blurbs running around.
I try right?
I do check and refresh your website at least 500 times during game day.
Love your laking #1 fan/pretend coach/pretend part-owner

P.s Mrs. Jensen who is also a pretend part-owner and coach, is i'm sure watching the games. So basically I'm watching them too.


Winter Monday!

Dear hubsters,
We had one whole day of beautiful fall weather and then Mother nature decided to dump 4 inches of snow on us.
Winter is here!
and only 46 day's till Christmas! Yay!!
Artie loves the snow! He loves to gallop in it and tries to eat the snow flakes! It's pretty precious.
We should build a snowman! or an igloo!!
Time to get cute boots and jackets so I don't look like a man with tiny legs!

Love snow bunny

Fall weekend!

Fall is here!
To celebrate we went to Beaver Dick park(beautiful park, unfortunate name)

We brought along some family, friends and dogs.

The colors we're perfect.
The day was perfect!
well.. except for when a squirrel bit Artie in the lip…. As you can imagine, it wasn't pleasant. And we now think he has a fear of small furry animals.
But besides that little incident it was still a blast though!


Heh heh

Dear hubby,
I love Artie but... lately.. well..he's been a royal pain.

Today he...
-Thought the school newspaper sucked (as most of us do) and decided to eat it.
-Artie's tummy didn't like it so he threw it up.
-Then he re-ate the barf before I had time to react. (I almost puked myself seeing him do this)
-Artie decided that It was a waste of time to allow me to do homework.
-So he persistently tried to bite my fingers while I was typing up a paper.
-He also tried to jump in my lap a few hundred times (he's to uncoordinated so half the time he fell on his back.)
-annnd he would try to bite the pages of my nutrition book every time I turned a page.

I then took his advice(to stop doing hw) and went to the gym to blow off some stress (he was currently a major stressor, which is so kind of him)

I came home from the gym and found he..
-Loves microbiology so much that he chewed the corner of the book cover off. He's obviously very involved in his reading.
-He also likes to snoop and chewed on some important papers/memories that he some how reached. He must secretly be a ninja because those were on the 3rd shelf.
-Then i guess he was jealous of the hubs and decided to chew a few pages of his amazing flip book he made for me. (I was uber tick at this one)
-Oh! And he lllllooooves burts bees chapstick! He went through a tube in one day. And now has minty breath.

I then sat down to try to accomplish some homework, but he wanted to play and started to train for his agility obstacle course competition. He ran laps around the house at record breaking speeds for about 10 minutes straight.
Thats when I snapped. My neck tweaked and my eye started to twitch uncontrollably. The stress that I have been trying to keep under control finally went through the roof.
My mondays exams. My program development project and my Research paper all caught up to me. Was I to get anything done?
Artie was the straw that broke the camels back.
I dragged him to the bathroom, locked him in and then broke down.
We're so not ready for kids.
I can barley handle a dog.
Love your super-stressed-out-trying-to-stay-positive wife

p.s I love Artie. He's a typical puppy.


Curious george

My husband is a curious man who loves to learn.
As a result he knows how almost everything works.
Not even kidding.
He knows a lot of random facts.
He can tell you how this works, who conquered what, why this does that and how this came to be.
It actually comes in handy because a lot of the times I'm curious at how something works, or who ruled what!
He's amazingly smart.
Just reason 598,887,438,320 why I love him so.
{p.s I think he secretly memorizes random facts and uses them to oooh and ahhh me.
But I have yet to prove my theory.}
And I'm just curious- but how did clapping start? and when?
A question to ask the husband when he returns from work!

Happy happy happy

Here's to happiness!!
10 glorious things that make me happy!

1. Seasons! Particularly summer and fall
2. Long warm hugs from the hubs
3. Cute boots! rain boots, riding boots... I love them all!
4. The moments when Artie is pooped out and just wants to cuddle
5. Cooking with the husband- We make a good team :)
6. Photography (a new recent hobby/interest of mine)
7. Hawai'is beaches (Take me baaaaaack....please!)
8. The feeling I get when I accomplished everything on my 'to-do list' for that day
9. Being married to a Mr. Fix-it/a man who knows 139,485,993,032 random facts
10. The smell of the forest


Super cute quote!

"Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work." -- Author Unknown


Dear hubby,

We're so busy!
I feel like I only see you a few minutes each day.You work from 3-
and I'm at school till 6 sometimes 7!
It stinks.
But... it's what we've gotta do.
Good thing we have Artie to keep us company while our other half is gone.

Love wifey



Dear Mom,
29 and lookin' fine!
We love you much!
Love us!

Dear hubs,
The other day you announced that November is 'No shave November'
I dunno about this.
You. Not shaving for a whole month??
I don't think boys understand how stubble feels on our soft feminine skin.
If you wish to take a walk in our super cute high heels try rubbing a high grit sand paper all over your face. Over and over again.
Yeah- It may look sexy and

all buuuuut it gets old the second

your face gets rubbed raw.
Once it gets longer and softer then you can kiss me all you want but for now, kissing will be brief.. ;)

Here's are some beautiful bearded men.

Love wifers
*All creepy men were found on google.

You can check out the story behind this picture here. The hubs and I had a good laugh but I must warn you.. It's kinda crude. And... I believe the Hubs has a pair of some of those glasses.