Heh heh

Dear hubby,
I love Artie but... lately.. well..he's been a royal pain.

Today he...
-Thought the school newspaper sucked (as most of us do) and decided to eat it.
-Artie's tummy didn't like it so he threw it up.
-Then he re-ate the barf before I had time to react. (I almost puked myself seeing him do this)
-Artie decided that It was a waste of time to allow me to do homework.
-So he persistently tried to bite my fingers while I was typing up a paper.
-He also tried to jump in my lap a few hundred times (he's to uncoordinated so half the time he fell on his back.)
-annnd he would try to bite the pages of my nutrition book every time I turned a page.

I then took his advice(to stop doing hw) and went to the gym to blow off some stress (he was currently a major stressor, which is so kind of him)

I came home from the gym and found he..
-Loves microbiology so much that he chewed the corner of the book cover off. He's obviously very involved in his reading.
-He also likes to snoop and chewed on some important papers/memories that he some how reached. He must secretly be a ninja because those were on the 3rd shelf.
-Then i guess he was jealous of the hubs and decided to chew a few pages of his amazing flip book he made for me. (I was uber tick at this one)
-Oh! And he lllllooooves burts bees chapstick! He went through a tube in one day. And now has minty breath.

I then sat down to try to accomplish some homework, but he wanted to play and started to train for his agility obstacle course competition. He ran laps around the house at record breaking speeds for about 10 minutes straight.
Thats when I snapped. My neck tweaked and my eye started to twitch uncontrollably. The stress that I have been trying to keep under control finally went through the roof.
My mondays exams. My program development project and my Research paper all caught up to me. Was I to get anything done?
Artie was the straw that broke the camels back.
I dragged him to the bathroom, locked him in and then broke down.
We're so not ready for kids.
I can barley handle a dog.
Love your super-stressed-out-trying-to-stay-positive wife

p.s I love Artie. He's a typical puppy.

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  1. this will be a memory soon and babies are so not like this dog, at least you wern't as a baby but maybe Scott was.. Babies turn out to be a wonderful daughter