Dear Mom,
29 and lookin' fine!
We love you much!
Love us!

Dear hubs,
The other day you announced that November is 'No shave November'
I dunno about this.
You. Not shaving for a whole month??
I don't think boys understand how stubble feels on our soft feminine skin.
If you wish to take a walk in our super cute high heels try rubbing a high grit sand paper all over your face. Over and over again.
Yeah- It may look sexy and

all buuuuut it gets old the second

your face gets rubbed raw.
Once it gets longer and softer then you can kiss me all you want but for now, kissing will be brief.. ;)

Here's are some beautiful bearded men.

Love wifers
*All creepy men were found on google.

You can check out the story behind this picture here. The hubs and I had a good laugh but I must warn you.. It's kinda crude. And... I believe the Hubs has a pair of some of those glasses.

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