Some random things about us!

Kelsey. 22 years young. Big blue eyes. Brown hair. Loves yogurt. Has a very sensitive nose. Beach bum turned future farmer. Loves unordinary things. Likes the smell of Home Depot. Fancy's vintage. Obsessed with the Beatles. Not your average Laker fan. Thinks the universe of her husband.

Benjamin. But goes by his middle name, Scott. Turns 23 in January. Green Eyes. Red hair going brown. Lots of freckles. Likes peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Knows how almost all things work. Loves to snowboard. Good at anything he sets his mind to. Humble. Plays guitar, ukulele, piano and can sing. Loves his wife more than anything.

Artie. 6 months. Gassy. Loves to play in the snow. Plays hide & go seek. Learning to heel. Is going to be an awesome hunting dog. Loves to swim. Follows his owners wherever they go. Loves to watch us cook. Begs and whines for cookie dough. Love to chew card board. Potty trained. Makes weird noises when excited. Loves his owners with all his heart.

We are the Arnetts!

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