Hit me baby one more time

Dear husband,

So for the past few weeks now I've noticed I've been craving to listen to the oldies.
We're not talking about Ella Fitzgerald old but 1990's old.
Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls and Justin TImberlake old (well JT's newer stuff.)
You know… the classics like Hit me baby one more time, Sexy back and Toxic?
Pure pop.So last night while making these delicious muffins I had a dance party.
By myself.
Well… I guess Artie was there.
but that doesn't count.
He was only there because he thought my arms and feet were toys flailing around the room.
It was fun! Took some stress off!
I'm sad you missed out!
although.. I cant really see you dancing to Britney.
yes. yes I can!

Love your pop wife

P.s I think this sudden 'pop' craze came from the Glee's Britney episode.

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