Then He Kissed Me

Dear marito romatic

This song reminds me of us!
Except, you're the one who whispered I love you in my ear.
I love you my wonderful husband!

Love I'm so happy I could cried wife


Sew in love

Dear my crocheting, sewing, rock polishing husband,

I wish I could sew.
Today at the thrift store I saw a very old sewing machine (that still looked functional) and the little table it came with. 
I think it was just put out on display because there was no price tag.
Which was good- I didn't want my heart to break at the probably high price or on the flip side, see that it's super cheap and buying a total dud (I don't know hardly a thing about sewing machines)
But while I was pretending to check the mechanics of the old machine, I was daydreaming of all the possibilities and all the wonderful things I can create, redesign and ruin (I'm not experienced... so i'd expect I'd ruin a lot of things.)
Know you've got to teach me the basics of two things
Spanish and now sewing.
It actually looked a lot like this

Dark side of the moon

Dear hard working husband,

Tonight I was thinking about our random late night activities.
Usually, you get home from work around 11:30ish.
And usually Artie and I are up and about.
So, when you get home it's late night family playtime!
Previous activities include baking, cooking a very early or late breakfast, walking Artie, building our igloo and cuddling.
Tonight I was thinking of when we watched the beginnings of the lunar eclipse. 
Watching it while sipping homemade hot chocolate and occasionally throwing a snowball for Artie to chase was amazing. 
I remember it was freezing and we {I} could only stand there watching the moon for only a few minutes or until I couldn't feel my face.
I was a neat few minutes though! 
Here's a neat-o photo of that lunar eclipse.
Space is so mysterious. I love it.

Love your space cadet wifey 


Dog puke

Dear my red-headed lover,

Do you know what make a puppy vomit almost instantly?
Homemade sweet and sour chicken.
Thats what.

I was listening to Fleetwood Mac while preparing your dinner (yes, I was dancing) I guess I got a little to into what I thought was a stage worthy performance of my fav song and a chunk of chicken flew across the room. 
Of course Artie's food radar went haywire and he basically sprinted over and gobbled up the hot piece of chicken before I could even say NO!
Minutes later I hear him coughing and gagging.
Six huge steamy piles of puppy vomit awaiting for me.

But on the bright side the Sweet and Sour chicken recipe is delish and wont make humans vomit (if cooked right of course)
And now Artie is cuddled up right next to me watching me type :)
Love your brown headed lover


Last post I swear..

Dear hubby,

I know I've asked you a trazillion times.
But can we please move to Kaua'i??

Love Hanalei moon dreaming wife

Hanalei beach (totally danced a song about this bay)

P.s This is the fabulose song Hanalei moon. This was one of the first songs I learned in Halua! I was still a little 11 year old keiki! I'll dance for you later ;)

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Dear readers,

We're taking off for the Holidays and will be back here with lots of fun stories to tell in the new year! 
Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and eat lots of sweets!
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy joyful New Year!!!
Love husband, wife and puppy


Today's favorite Weheartit pictures!

Cute quote!

Today you are you
that is truer than true
there is no one alive
that is youer than you

Dr. Seuss



Dear Husband,

Sometimes marriage is hard (am I right?)
Especially if your spouse (ahem, me) is semi-emotionally closed off.
I'll admit, I have an extremely hard time admitting to you when I'm upset with you. 
And it's funny cause you know when I am.
Tall-tale signs that the wife is upset.

  • I suddenly get quiet
  • pay little attention to you 
  • And will only communicate with you in brief sharp sentences
  • Which are almost always"I don't know. I don't care & Whatever." 

You'll ask what's wrong and if you did something (or nothing at all) to tick me off.
And without even thinking I'll stubbornly admit that I'm not mad at you.
But of course, that's a flat out lie.

I guess it makes me feel weak and ridiculous to admit that I'm upset about something.
I don't know why but I need to learn to communicate with you.

Well today whilst I was going through my daily blog reads I came upon some marriage advice.
Prayers answered!
I know I have a lot of personal issues I need to work on.
But so do you.
It's not bad- no one's perfect. (although, we all seem to think we are)

Heres the wonderful marriage advice I found.

Love wifey  



Dear people who leave rude comments on my blog.

Ah yes. Just when I though no one read my blog out there in blogland (except for my hubby and a few family members) 
Someone decided to leave their little nugget of negativity on my blog.

here's what they so lovingly said

"I don't even know you, but from reading your last few entries... so you're helpless unless a man is around to protect you? lets see how many other stereotypes we can fit.. woman up!"

My response: 

Yes I am helpless when it comes to spiders.
In fact. The reason being, is I once woke up with one on my face. 
Scarred me for life. 

But... I'm the type of person who can jump out of a plane, eat cow brains and dissect a human cadaver but will not ever kill or touch a spider.
Sorry if that seems "helpless" to you.

Annnnnd as for stereotypes.
You are one. 
Your the rude person who has nothing better to do than to leave a stupid comment on a strangers blog.
And I don't care if I'm a stereotype!
I LOVE being a wife.
I love to bake cookies for my husband.
I love our puppy.
I love to cook.
I love knowing that husband isn't a weenie and that he is my protector.
I love when my husband is lovey-dovey.
I love to scratch my husbands back.
And I love to be crafty!

So I love being a stereotype. I'm supper happy and totally in love with my husband and my awesomely blessed life. 
In my opinion everyone is a stereotype.

As for your "woman up" comment
I will have you know that I am currently menstruating, heavily.
So I think I'm as "woman up'ed" as one can be.

Thank you for reading my blog, but please keep your negativity to your self. 

Love "stereotypical-not woman enough" wife



Dear husband,

Artie. Just. Saved. My. Life.

Picture this.
I was doing dishes at around 10:30pm.
Artie assumed his usual position (laying right beside me).
I was cleaning off the counters and went to pick up a stale washcloth to throw in the hamper
when all of a sudden a giant arachnid fell out of it!
It gnashed it's fangs and wiggle about in a puddle on the counter.
I freaked (of course)
Pointed! EEKed! and maybe almost started to cry.
When all of a sudden, Artie stood on his two hind leg, saw the ferocious beast wiggling around and licked him right up.
Usually your there to be my knight and shinning armor. But just when I though Artie was a dumb cardboard eating dog who wakes up at 6am he proved himself to be a protector. So know worries. 
Artie's got my back while your away. 

This dog is the equivalent of Lassie to me.

Love wifey


Finals week!

Dear hubs,

It's finals week!!!
Only a few more days left of classes and a whole lotta studying that needs to get done!!

I'm sad that your working till 1:30am tonight...
I saw you for only a second and then I was out the door!
I love ya babe!
Actually... I might still be up at 1:30am.
Depending on when I decided to start studying.
Which should be now but I think I'm going to make ginger snap cookies. Yum.
Love ya hun!
{Studio Mela}

P.s there may or may not be any cookies left when you get home.


Mele Kalikimaka

Dear husband,
15 days till Kalikimaka!!!

Annnnnd only one final week of school!!!
I'm celebrating by studying for two finals and working on another.
But, this time next week I will be Blasting Alice Cooper's 'School's out' song in celebration of the end of fall semester.
Can. Not. Wait.

Heres Bing Crosby and The Andrew Sisters



Dear husband,

I love this picture.
I love you.
I love our life.
I love our puppy.
I love us.

I love you for all eternity.
Love wife


Rexburg now has a Chinese food joint! It just opened!
What are the odds?
It's called Ying-Yang and it's delicious.
Husband and the brother brought me some for lunch!


Orange chicken and egg roll

Dear husband,

I really really really want Chinese food.
Why oh why doesn't rexburg have a panda express or other types of greasy Chinese food?!?

Love wife

Christmas shopping

Dear hubs,

I don't know what to get you for Christmas!!
 or your birthday! 

Love wifey


Bucket list

Dearest husband of mine,

I have complied a bucket list.

  1. Own a business together
  2. Learn to sew and crochet 
  3. sky-dive
  4. Shoot a deer, or just go hunting. 
  5. Travel! travel! travel!
  6. Learn Spanish
  7. Ride in a hot-air balloon
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Serve the homeless on Thanksgiving day/ Christmas day
  10. Have a beautiful and big garden that we can live off of
  11. Restore an old Victorian or Craftsmen home
  12. Build a chicken coop and raise chickens
  13. Have/Build a beautiful greenhouse in the backyard so we can visit it during the long winters.
  14. Make an awesome club house with our kids
  15. Make 12 dresses by myself (why 12? one for each month of course!)
  16. Visit all 50 states (I'll gladly go to Hawai'i again) 
  17. Backpack the John Muir trail (Yosemite to Mt. Whitney; 250ish miles)
  18. Drive all of Route 66
  19. Go on a church history tour
  20. Attend at least 100 different LDS Temples. 
Love wife

new leaf

Dear hubs,

Today while I should of been studying, I thought about my life.
I thought of dreams, goals and other random things I've had.
I've come to the conclusion that I need to live it up while we're still young!
I'm kind of... not an exciting person (at least not as much as I'd like to be). 
I've decided I'm going to turn a new leaf.
No more being scared to try things!

More laughter.
More smiling.
More charity.
More unexpected things.
More uplifting
More optimism. 

Less anger.
Less hate.
Less frustrations.
Less frowning.
Less worries.
Less gossiping.
Less belittling

I promise to do more of the more's and less of the lesses

Love forever wifey
Dear husband,

These are things I am most defiantly not good at.

  • Eating just one cookie
  • Talking on phones 
  • Dressing appropriately for the weather (I always underdress for some reason)
  • Limiting myself to only 1 hour of non-school related computer time.
  • Hiding the fact that I'm angry, sad and annoyed. ( I try oh so hard)
  • Making sure I close the blinds before I decided to walk around the apartment nakie
  • Playing with Artie; He honestly stares at me awkwardly if I sit on the computer too long. Especially when writing a paper.
  • Walking on ice.
Love wife!

p.s only 18 more days till Christmas

{Poppytalk handmade}


On the to-do list

Dear husband,

I really really really want to make gingerbread men.
Let's make em' this weekend shall we?

Love your Christmas cookie craving wife

P.s Heres a video of gingerbread men doing the haka


Let it SNOW!

Dear hubby,
I know you love to snowboard.
And frankly, I've always been a bit skeptical on how one finds joy in the sport.
Freezing temps, snow, bruised bum and wrist don't exactly scream fun at me.

But then today..
My brother and his friends came by and wanted to know if then could play around on your snowboard. You of course, jumped up, said yes and then immediately started putting on your snow gear.
You asked if I was going out and I said yes. (kinda-sort-of grudgingly; I just couldn't say no to your excited eyes)
I pulled my self away from the heater I was currently hovering over and started throwing on layers of sweaters and jackets, then dashed out the door.
The men built a little obstacle course which included a jump, while my brothers girly-friend and I threw snowball at Artie and the men at work.
(p.s Artie LOVES catching snowballs and eating them. It must sooth his teething gums)
The guys all took turns going down the course. There was lot of turns, twist, dog-running overing and of course, falls.
You could only play for a little bit and then off to work at the Mela-factory you went.
After the boys were done hogging the board (ahem) I decided to give it a whirl.
and then another.
and then another.
and then another.
Until my hiking boots (note: not snow boots) were filled with snow and my toes were numb.

And now I understand, why people love to snowboard.
You must teach me your awesome skills sensei hubby and I will forever be yours.

Love your-now-wanting-to-learn-how-to-snowboard-wife.


Oh Christmas branch! Oh Christmas branch!

Dear hubby,

So I didn't go to the gym...
Greg(my brother) and his girly friend came over while I was cleaning and jamming out to Christmas music.
I was feeling festive and they were looking for something to do
So.... I sent them on a search for a Christmas tree/branch.
I handed them our saw from our handy-dandy little tool box and sent them on their way!
Annnnnd they came back bearing the cutest tree branch ever!
I thought it was perfect!

We decorated and listened to Christmas songs!
We only had two actual ornaments but we manage to scavenge for things to hang on it.
And! we made popcorn garlands! I've never done that before! 
Artie of course, helped out with the popcorn
The tree reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Love wifey

P.s 24 days till Christmas. 
Annnd I made a count down chain!

what to do, what to do

Dear husband,

So tonight was one of those rare night where I had absolutely no homework or studying to do.
I know. Weird.

I was at a total loss on what to do until you came home.

So I dance to Trans-Siberian Orchestra in my bright red socks.
Spent way to much time on the computer looking through my daily blog reads.
Folded laundry.
Discovered Artie had ate some soap while I was folding laundry
Tried to wrestle with Artie but he only wanted to lay in front of the heater. 
{I think he was feeling sick due to consuming 1 1/2 bars of soap} 
I laid with him for a few minutes until I realized he has some rancid gas. 
Then I retreated to the other room for fear of suffocating.
I cut my hair...

Wha wha what?!?
Yes. I cut my bangs. 
I was that board annnnd my hair was looking more like a unidentifiable creature on my head rather than hair.
So I trimmed my bangs and they look pretty good!

And now, I think I'm going to go work-out.
Or at least attempt to..

Love wifey