Dog puke

Dear my red-headed lover,

Do you know what make a puppy vomit almost instantly?
Homemade sweet and sour chicken.
Thats what.

I was listening to Fleetwood Mac while preparing your dinner (yes, I was dancing) I guess I got a little to into what I thought was a stage worthy performance of my fav song and a chunk of chicken flew across the room. 
Of course Artie's food radar went haywire and he basically sprinted over and gobbled up the hot piece of chicken before I could even say NO!
Minutes later I hear him coughing and gagging.
Six huge steamy piles of puppy vomit awaiting for me.

But on the bright side the Sweet and Sour chicken recipe is delish and wont make humans vomit (if cooked right of course)
And now Artie is cuddled up right next to me watching me type :)
Love your brown headed lover

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