what to do, what to do

Dear husband,

So tonight was one of those rare night where I had absolutely no homework or studying to do.
I know. Weird.

I was at a total loss on what to do until you came home.

So I dance to Trans-Siberian Orchestra in my bright red socks.
Spent way to much time on the computer looking through my daily blog reads.
Folded laundry.
Discovered Artie had ate some soap while I was folding laundry
Tried to wrestle with Artie but he only wanted to lay in front of the heater. 
{I think he was feeling sick due to consuming 1 1/2 bars of soap} 
I laid with him for a few minutes until I realized he has some rancid gas. 
Then I retreated to the other room for fear of suffocating.
I cut my hair...

Wha wha what?!?
Yes. I cut my bangs. 
I was that board annnnd my hair was looking more like a unidentifiable creature on my head rather than hair.
So I trimmed my bangs and they look pretty good!

And now, I think I'm going to go work-out.
Or at least attempt to..

Love wifey

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