We're married!

Dear husband,

We're married!
And we're on our honeymoon in Hawai'i and it's AMAZING!!
Can we please live here??

I love you!
Love wife

p.s I will return regular blogging September 10th! Im going to enjoy Hawai'i with my new hubby!



Dear hubs,


And here are 2 awesomly sweet memories of when we first started dating.

1) Remember when you we're walking me to class and you asked me to hold something for you?
And I said "um... if it's trash I'm going to throw it at you."
You laughed and said "Trust me, it's not"
So then I held out my hand and you grabbed it. And we walked to my class hand in hand.
Yeah... It was smooth.

2) Do you remember when my car broke down in your apartment parking lot?
It was a freezing cold night and my car wouldn't turn over. We held each other close to keep warm in between trying to push start it and tweaking a few wires. You would breath on and rub our hands together to prevent them from getting frost bitten. We had a short moment. Our almost first kiss moment. We both wanted to kiss one another- I could tell. But we didn't. We gave up on my car for the night due to lack of energy and numb hands. So your roommate drove us home. We sat in the backseat and snuggled up to one another. We arrived at my apartment, you opened the door and were about to get out but I grabbed you and kissed your warm lips. Where I got the guts to do that? I dunno. But it was sweet- and the surprised/weak in the knees look on your face was priceless. We got out of the car and to the staircase. We said our good-byes and then we kissed again- little kisses on the lips. It was sweet and it was wonderful.

I love you babe!and I can't wait to see you tonight!
Love wife!



Dear hubs,



I love you so much!!
And! You're going to be here tomorrow night!!
And! I'm going to give you the biggest bestest hand shake when I see you!
{***In case your wondering, We have decided not to kiss, hug or be alone with one another till we say 'I do' Friday morning. It helps build the anticipation and we fear our emotions might get the best of us}
I'm nervous/excited/anxious/happy/shaky/and everything else in between.

Love wifey

p.s be sure to check out the hubby's post below!! It's mighty cute!

oh yeah!

p.p.s Three things I can't wait for!

1. To go to bed and wake-up next to you.
2. To start a family with you.
3. To grow old with you!

Hubby's post

Dear Wife,
It is Monday and things are getting pretty exciting! There are very few things for me to do before I leave tomorrow and so it gives me plenty of time to think about nothing else but you!
Hawaii is going to be sooo fun! I am so glad you gave in to my nagging and decided "What the hay! I will go skydiving!"
That is one of the reasons I love you so much. You love high excitement activities. It's going to be an amazing view! I'll bring the camera to take a picture of you right before you leap.



Lets spice it up a bit shall we?

Dear readers,
I'm going to spice things up a bit.

I'm going to let the future Mr.Hubby make a post :)

Love me

Dear hubs,
Would you like to post a little somethin' somethin' on me blog?
Is that a yes I hear?
Alrighty then! great!
You post tomorrow!!

Mahalo mahalo!

Love wife

I Was Made For You

Dear hubs,

Have you heard of the band She & Him?
Well I adore them and I absolutely love the leading lady Zooey Deschanel. She's my fashion icon and someday I will have a wardrobe like hers.
Anyway they have a wonderful old school vibe to them and they do a wonderful job covering song. Like for example, Smokey Robinsons song 'You've really got a hold of me'. Love it!!
I've been listening to it all day :)
{Listen to it here!}
But I decided to post this song because it made me smile and think of you.
And well... I was made for you!!

Love wifey


Dear husband,
Our wedding day is quickly approaching!!
Four whole days till we're married!!
Goodness... isn't that crazy??
There still time to back out if you feel you can't handle me ;)

Here are four awesome dates we went on while we were dating!

1. I remember going stargazing with you on a chilly fall night. We had just started really really dating. We talked, laughed and listened to Jack Johnson and I think Owl City. We saw a few shooting stars that night!

2. We bought a few 10 cent goldfish and 2 baby shrimps. We had many dreams for our new pets. For the shrimp, we wanted to feed him healthy food so he can grow big and strong. And when he had reached his going potential we would create a delicious dinner- with him in it. For we love to eat shrimp. Unfortunately, they didn't survive the night. It was suicide. They new what there doom was. For the goldfish however we treated them with royalty. We gave them a big spacious porcelain bowl for them to live. And yes maybe that was my roommates toilet but it's a place to live! They shouldn't complain- although my roommates did! Unfortunately some goldfish ventured down the toilet hole and were never to be found again- but we did manage to keep one alive for a while. He was a survivor.

3. One of our first official dates we went on was to the bowling alley. A bunch of us friends dressed up all tacky and went cosmic bowling. Before we went on this date I feared you we're to quiet for me. But, that quickly changed. You are very outgoing

4. Ice skating/ playing hockey!

I love you sugar booger!!
Love wife


My theory:

Dear husband,
My theory is
Everything that is love can be fixed with a kiss.
(well... almost anything)

love wifey

Saturdays song annnnd FIVE days!

Dear husband,

The other day I was thinking about how we met.
How is it that 4 years ago we decided to attend the same university where 90% of the time it's snowing {I exaggerate... a little}
How is it that we decided to take the same economics class from the same professor at the same time?
And how is it we we're both ending our previous relationship before we met one another?

Ok. Story time:
The previous semester I was tired of the same old same old and wanted a change of scenery. I know what your thinking. How oh how can anyone ever get tired of a land-locked small country town?
Well.. I did. and I think a lot of it had to do with the men in that small country town and university.
I was tired and pessimistic and hated dating.
I took the steps to apply for a transfer to another school- but never finished.
Why? well.. things kept coming up and the money I needed for my application was never there when I needed it. So... I didn't finish applying.
I decided to stay where I'm at. I had good friends and I was so close to finish my degree. There was obviously a purpose for me to be there. But I still was hating boys and broken hearts.
And like every other girl out there I prayed my heart out for that special day where I would met 'the one'.
Well 10 months went by and I got a boyfriend {we'll call him Ace.}
Then we started getting serious.
And then I asked myself "Is he the one?" and I got nothing. I felt nothing. I had a stupor of thought.
Well... I made a personal decision that I didn't and couldn't see myself marrying him.
So we broke up at the beginning of fall semester. The semester I met you.
After me and Ace broke up I was done with dating. I had my white surrender flag waving for everyone to see. I was tired of all the wrong boys, all the very very wrong boys.
I was ready for a genuine Man in my life. But I didn't want to date for a while.
Then we started classes.
I first noticed you when we did our personal introductions in class. You said your from up-north and you like to surf.
I though you were a little nerdy- but cool nerdy. You had a vibe that definitely screamed something at me. I was drawn to you- and It was weird cause well... you weren't my type. You definitely had the surfer laid-back look to you though. And I thought you were to cool for me.
I remember coming home after class talking to my roommate about you and how I need to man-up and talk to you.
Well I did. And here we are now! 5 days away from being husband and wife.
And a few months ago I realized my prayers we're answered. And we met.
And your the one.
Love forever wife


Let's not be boring married students-k!

Dear hubby,

Who said once you get married you become boring?!?
actually... I do believe I've said that.
It was my single-life bitterness speaking and making bias of married people.
Since we're returning to school as a married couple- things are going to be a little different.
Like date night.
And since we both don't want to be a boring married here are 6 cheap date ideas for us!!

1. Build a fort and go "camping" in it!
2. Candle-lit picnic dinner in the backyard. Or in our case the park or somewhere on campus
3. Make treats for friends and/or neighbors and Ding-dong ditch them!
4. Have a candle lit massage night ;)
5. Go to school events like plays, dance nights and art shows. p.s I like critiquing art with you ;)
6. Have a game night with friends or by ourselves

Love yo wife


dear husband,

At precisely this time next Friday
we will officially be....

Je t'aime wife



Dear Hubbster,


Is it alright to freak out now?!?
Cause I'm pretty sure I just had a mini freak out a second ago.
:breath iiiinnnn and ouuuuuttt:
ok... I think I'll be good.

Only 7 day! Wow! Where did this engagement go??
Ha! Actually, it's been a very long, almost to long of a 'courtship'.
Welp! The end is near my love.
Here are 7 things I really really miss.

1. I miss studying/doing homework with you while you listened to your Latin musica. Well... not so much the doing homework part but just being around you
2. I miss cooking yummy food with you while listening to Jack Johnson.
3. I miss being able to see you when ever I wanted
4. I miss hanging out with our friends and just being social
5. I miss that face you do when you get really really excited about something.
6. I miss hugging you when you come home or to my apartment.
7. I miss just being with you and doing random spur of the moment things.

Love ya lots

love wife



Dearest husband,

Exercising is my vice.
in a good way of course.
It's addicting but at the same time it totally sucks. It's a nasty cycle.
I guess It's like hiking a mountain.
You start off totally pumped and ready to go. For the first mile or so your going strong and loving it. Then you kinda start to get cranky and tired and all in all eventually end up wanting to just stop and give up. But! you finish! And you feel tired and weak, but very pleased with yourself. And then a few weeks go by and you start to reminisce about the trip and you remember how fun it really was and how you want to do it again.
See where I'm going with this??
It's a cycle I battle everyday. I love the before/after feeling of the long runs and challenging strength training.
but I hate the process?
Maybe if I had a workout buddy :cough:YOU:cough: It would become more enjoyable.
eh eh?? yes? no? maybe?
I need a running buddy at least!

Love your wife


Dear husband,

8 days
8 days
eight days!

In honor of only having 8 days
Here are 8 sweet and adorable things you have done for me while we dated!

1. You made me banana pancakes for dinner while I was stressing and preparing for an exam.
2. You made and brought me de-lish hot chocolate after work on a below freezing winter night. (And you waited at least 15 min in the freezing cold before I actually got out of work)
3. You hid these amazing chocolate truffles in my backpack and when I found them there was a cute love note stuck to the package. It made my day :)
4. When we were first dating you wrote a love song for me and surprised performed it at lunch during acoustic hour. However, even though the song said 'love' countless number of times you weren't actually telling me you loved me. But I adore the song and started to fall for you the second i heard it.
5. You would help me fix my car when it would break down (which was like every other day)
6. You would walk me to class every day- even if it was out of your way and freezing cold.
7. Sometimes when I was scheduled for a long shift at work and had no time to prepare a decent dinner for myself- you would cook delicious late night meals and wait to eat with me.(I usually got off around 10-10:15pm)
8. You LOVE to play with my hair and I love that you love to play with it! :)

I'm so thankful for you!
Love soon to be wife!



Dear fire rabbit,
I think I'm madly in love with you.
Your on my mind 99.9% of the time.
I love it!

Love wife

p.s The pet name "fire rabbit" that you insist me calling you is a ridiculous nickname. But it does make me think of the viscous blood thirsty rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!


Dear hubby,


And nine simple things I want to do before I grow too old.
Will you accompany me??

1. Travel Route 66 and visit all the kooky stops along the way.
2. Visit some light houses
3. Grow our own fruits & vegetables
4. Learn to sew {I'll have to ask your mom or me grandma}
5. Learn to surf better. I can get up and ride the wave- but I want to be able to get really good!
6. Teach kids to dance. Maybe open a little day class during the summer! I can teach hula! Or maybe ballet!!
7. I want to be scuba certified- It's helps that you already are :) when we travel we can scuba!
8. Lets go on a game show like The Price is Right! kk!
9. Visit every state! (We can drive through the boring ones if we so wish)

love wife



Dear husband,

We only have TEN days till we get married!
I have so many emotions running through my head when I think about it!

So in honor of only having 10 days
I give you 10 things I absolutely adore about you!

1. Your patience's with me and every one else on the planet!
2. Your love for cooking
3. Your control over negative emotion. You don't get angry/frustrated/stressed easily!!
4. Your love for the gospel
5. Your un-dieing love for me :)
6. How you wear tight (fitted) plain t-shirts (MmMmmm)
7. Your love of adventure!
8. Your goofiness and craziness (even though I get annoyed sometimes--sorry! I love it though!)
9. Your freckles and luscious redish brown hair
10. How you love kids and how you can't wait to be a father

Love wifey


me lucky charms!

Dear husband,

May our love be like the capitol of Ireland... always Dublin!

Love yer woman

Impatiently waiting..

Dear husband,
Yup. 11 days
Are you getting nervous??

Love Wife


Take your vitamins!!

Dear hubby,

Sorry I've been writting a lot latley. I've just got so much to say and so much excitement with nothing to do!!

Do you know what this might be??It's vitamin B12 in structural form! yay!
As in-
Vitamin B12....
12 days till we get married...
yeah? yeah?
I'll admit. I have a problem. I've always got something health related to say. I'm slightly a nerd/health nut/anatomy freak.
But hey!
Only 12 days left!

Love your structurally sane wife

Saturday's song!!

Dear husband,

I had a hard time choosing a song today.
I usually almost always have a song stuck in my head that's worth posting and well.. today is kinda no different.
And I have a totally awesome song stuck in my head don't get me wrong! I just don't think it's post worthy.
You wanna know what it is?
Zero to Hero from the Disney movie Hercules.
Yup. and I've tried everything to get it out but I'm afraid it's stuck in there for a while.
For some reason I randomly wake up singing a songs from the Hercules sound track.

Okay... so I gave in and posted it.
Enjoy! I know I will!

Love your Disney lovin' wife.



Dearest hubster

I :heart: you!

Lovest wifey

Hormone hormones hormones

Dear hubby-to-be

Sorry about the semi-permanent PMS junk.
Birth control makes me super moody. Especially towards you.
I'm a brat and I'm sorry.
It's the stupid things that make me wanna cry or bite off your head.
Hopefully my body can adjust these next 2 weeks.

Love semi- permanent PMSing wife

13 days..!

Dear husband,

13 days!

Love wife


beso beso

Dear husband,

Love wife

failure to attain goal

Dear hubby,

ehhhh.. maybe I'm okay with the fact that all my recipes are on my computer.
Logging recipes is a very monotonous process.
So... maybe eventually someday we'll have a recipe box.
How about this!
Each day (if possible) we try a bookmarked recipe (or 2 or 3) If we love it then hey! I'll spend the time to write it out on a cute little card. If we hate it then I'll delete it off my computer and never have to worry about it again!
Cause seriously, my saved and bookmarked recipes are taking over my computer.
They need to go pronto.
I promise from here on out not to bookmark any more recipes from Tastespotting or The Pioneer Woman or any other food blog.

love your giving-up wife

What's for dinner?!?

Dear husband,

Current goal of mine:
Create a lovely recipe file for all are yummy recipes!

Only problem is.. well.. I have a HEAP of recipes bookmarked and saved on my poor Macbook and copying them may take months even years!!
But.. I'm determined to do it in 14 days!
Wish me luck!

Love your aspiring Donna Reed

1 ma-ah-ah-ah. 2 ma-ah-ah-ah. 3..

Aloha ipo!

Today's post is brought to you by the number...

As in 14 days till we get married.
As in 2 weeks!!

'Ano'i kou wahine!


happy day!

Dear soon to be hubby,

You know what I'm excited for?
I'm excited to see you across the alter dressed in all white.
I'm excited to be in the sealing room with you and all our loved ones gathered around us.
I'm excited for that precises moment we're announced husband and wife.
I'm excited for our first kiss as husband and wife.
I'm excited to be sealed to you for eternity.
I'm excited and can't wait to walk out of the Temple as husband and wife.

I happy we've remained worthy through out our lives to receive the blessing of the Temple.
15 days and we'll be there!

Love soon to be wife!


Dear husband

Love wife!

Slightly cold toes

Dear husband

As excited as I am to be your wife, I'm a little scared as well.
only 15 days left of single life...
It's weird and feels so unreal!
It hasn't hit me yet that there will be no more crying over dating, no more first dates or first kiss, no more girl roommates, no more break-ups, no more boy hating parties with the girls, no more having to get the guts to talk to someone you fancy, no more SINGLE LIFE.
In ways, I'm relieved.
But I'm also going to miss parts of it.
Is that normal?
Shouldn't I be happy to say adios to the single life?
Don't get me wrong- married life is going to have it's perks.
But being single sucked/was a blast!
I hope married life will be fun- Actually, I know married life will be fun, I guess it's just a different type of fun.

Love your semi-paranoid wife


breath in breath out

Dear husband,
I'm slowly checking thing off our wedding to-do-list!

And it's finally startin
g to come together!
But there's no room to breath quiet yet- St
ill so much needs to be done!
16 days!!!

Can you believe it?!?
It snuck up fast huh?

Love soon to be wife


3 Cookie nookie

Dear husband,

My brothers are making cookies right now.
And you know what it reminded me of??
Ok.. so it reminded me of you BUT! it also reminded me of something else. Something a little disturbing.

While we were little and naive of things, my mother would make us chocolate chip cookies.

Innocent enough right??
{ahem} wrong.
She would set us down in front of the t.v and pop in our favorite Disney movie at the time.
Once our eyes were glazed over she would come in and give us 3 big cookies and a glass of milk.

This to us was a HUGE treat for us!
1. We we're allowed to eat in the living room in front of the t.v
2. we had 3 cookies!! Not 2. Not 1, but 3. Big. Cookies!
So you can see how this was awesome! We thought it was the greatest treat! Apparently for both us kids and our love bird parents.

While were munching on cookies and glued to the t.v- it bought my parents enough time to 'escape',
as in nookie nookie time, or making love, or making whoopie pies, and shagging, or maybe even the horizontal hokey-pokey!!!
Yeah. Cleaver huh?

Love wife.

p.s Mom, I know you read this! And I promise to continue the 3 cookie nookie.

This is so true.

Dear husband,

I found this today.
I kinda laughed when I saw it because well, that's exactly how I'm feeling right now.

Love your weird lost wife


Oops! Saturdays song on Sunday!

Dear husband,

With all the hustle and bustle of yesterdays events I forgot to post Saturdays song!

So I posted our 'first dance song'
Because It's the perfect song for our first dance!
Not to long, sweet and oozes love.
You have good taste hubby!
and I'm absolutely in love with you and cannot wait to dance to this song as husband and wife!

Love wife