3 Cookie nookie

Dear husband,

My brothers are making cookies right now.
And you know what it reminded me of??
Ok.. so it reminded me of you BUT! it also reminded me of something else. Something a little disturbing.

While we were little and naive of things, my mother would make us chocolate chip cookies.

Innocent enough right??
{ahem} wrong.
She would set us down in front of the t.v and pop in our favorite Disney movie at the time.
Once our eyes were glazed over she would come in and give us 3 big cookies and a glass of milk.

This to us was a HUGE treat for us!
1. We we're allowed to eat in the living room in front of the t.v
2. we had 3 cookies!! Not 2. Not 1, but 3. Big. Cookies!
So you can see how this was awesome! We thought it was the greatest treat! Apparently for both us kids and our love bird parents.

While were munching on cookies and glued to the t.v- it bought my parents enough time to 'escape',
as in nookie nookie time, or making love, or making whoopie pies, and shagging, or maybe even the horizontal hokey-pokey!!!
Yeah. Cleaver huh?

Love wife.

p.s Mom, I know you read this! And I promise to continue the 3 cookie nookie.

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  1. Oh chocolate chip cookies just got a whole new meaning...HMM do I have any chips???~~ Aunt Caren