Slightly cold toes

Dear husband

As excited as I am to be your wife, I'm a little scared as well.
only 15 days left of single life...
It's weird and feels so unreal!
It hasn't hit me yet that there will be no more crying over dating, no more first dates or first kiss, no more girl roommates, no more break-ups, no more boy hating parties with the girls, no more having to get the guts to talk to someone you fancy, no more SINGLE LIFE.
In ways, I'm relieved.
But I'm also going to miss parts of it.
Is that normal?
Shouldn't I be happy to say adios to the single life?
Don't get me wrong- married life is going to have it's perks.
But being single sucked/was a blast!
I hope married life will be fun- Actually, I know married life will be fun, I guess it's just a different type of fun.

Love your semi-paranoid wife

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