Simply amazing!

Dear hubs,

You need to watch this!

Love the song.
Love the choreography.
Love the style.

I miss dance...
Specifically clogging.
I want to dig out my clogs, put them on and dance to this song.
It would be spectacular!

Love wife


Wedding pictures!!

Some of our wedding pictures are up :)

You can see more here!
Be sure to click on the 'slide show' link at the bottom of the post!

Love us!


Dear Husband,

I cannot wait for this weekend to come! uh.... days! (Counting down the hours would be to complex for my already frazzled brain)

Ahem. Here are the reasons for our uber excitement!

1) We're going down to Utah for the weekend. It'll be a nice vacation from our wee-little potato picking town.
2) We're going down for our churches semi-annuel General Conference!
3) We're going to be spending the whole weekend with some pretty awesome family!!!


3) WE'RE GETTING A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm excited! If ya couldn't tell!!

Love your wifey!!

Dear readers,

Sorry for putting some of you in a state of panic/excitement/starting to plan my baby shower mode.
But we're not preggers... not yet anyways :)
along those lines- we're going to start a blog for our future offspring!
Something along the lines of 1000 life lessons or little letter to them.
Anyway! It's still up in the clouds but we'll keep you posted!
Love us!


Possibly some life changing news!

Dear hubby!

I hope and pray your job picks up!
Your doing good babe!
And we're doing good!
Like... really really good.
Love wife!

Dear readers,

We may or may not have something exciting to tell you....
I can't tell you yet, because we're not 100% sure.

But I will let you know as soon as we find out!!

Love me!


All you need is love!

Dear hubster,
We've accomplished quite a lot this past week!
  • Finished watching The Princess and the Frog! (loved it!!)
  • Deep cleaned our apartment while listening to the awesome Across the Universe soundtrack
  • Worked out EVERY single day of an hour and a half!
  • Made fabulously healthy delicious meals! (Thanks to this fabulous lady!)
  • We got a pet! although.. it's not something you can cuddle or want to touch.
  • Our pet is a bowl of fermenting yeast on our kitchen counter.
  • We just recently used a portion of our 10 day old fermented yeast pet in delicious homemade sour dough bread! (Makes the best french toast and sandwich bread)
  • We also made french bread.
  • You made a few sales! and I finally got certified in FEMA Is-100!
I love it! It's a beautifully sunny Autumn day!

Love you lots!


Busy bees

Dear husband,
Wow... I haven't written to you in a while.
Im so sorry...
The good news is, I've finally got my schedule down!
Which means...
I know what time of day works best for blogging!!

I'm sorry I'm not exactly pleasent to be around...
I don't want to point fingers but.. This birth control makes me angry/depressed/happy/sensitive/easily frustrated and hyper.
Truth is I can't really describe my emotions right now. But They change every second or two.
But I wish I could do what this little saying says.
Maybe you'll catch me in the right second or you'll just have to take your chances

Love your emotionally crazy wife


Hair hair everywhere!

Dear husband,

In case you didn't know- girls shed.
Girls shed a lot.
Have you looked on our bathroom floor?
Hair clump city.
I guess I need to sweep!

And now a sick picture
That's not my hair. Its googles. :)

Loooove yoooou



Thus far...

Dear husband,

Married life is great isn't it?

I love waking up/going to sleep to you.
I love brushing my teeth with you.
I love eating breakfast with you.
I love hanging out in our card board box fort with you.
I love having game nights with our married friends.
I love doing dishes with you.

Life is grand.

Love wifey



Dear husband,

We have officially unpacked the last of our boxes
Which means were officially moved in!!!!
I love being your wife.

love wife

Dear readers,

Sorry about the post delay. Amiss the moving, unpacking and job hunting school has started. Which means... I've been a little busy.
Oh! and on top of that, I've had a wee bit of writer's block.
But! I will be writing continuously! No worries! There is never a dull moment with me hubby.

Love me

p.s heres a little photo my cousin took of us during our first dance as husband and wife!