Dear Husband,

I cannot wait for this weekend to come! uh.... days! (Counting down the hours would be to complex for my already frazzled brain)

Ahem. Here are the reasons for our uber excitement!

1) We're going down to Utah for the weekend. It'll be a nice vacation from our wee-little potato picking town.
2) We're going down for our churches semi-annuel General Conference!
3) We're going to be spending the whole weekend with some pretty awesome family!!!


3) WE'RE GETTING A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm excited! If ya couldn't tell!!

Love your wifey!!

Dear readers,

Sorry for putting some of you in a state of panic/excitement/starting to plan my baby shower mode.
But we're not preggers... not yet anyways :)
along those lines- we're going to start a blog for our future offspring!
Something along the lines of 1000 life lessons or little letter to them.
Anyway! It's still up in the clouds but we'll keep you posted!
Love us!

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