About us!

She has blue eyes. He has lots of freckles.
       And we love each other so much!
    Welcome to our little blog!
We're the Arnetts!!

The husband loves to make pizza. Draws awesome tigers. Loves to hunt, fish and garden.Is studying mechanical engineering. Loves math. Breakdancer and tap dancer. Loves his wifey and pups!

The wife loves macarons and wants to open a little shop. Loves to dance. Graduated with a bachelors in health science. Loves to go hiking, fishing and gardening. Is a health nut. Paints stellar unicorns for the hubs. Loves the husband so so much. Owns a orange 1968 VW bug.

This is Artigus aka Artie

He loves to play fetch. Loves long walks. Loves to chase squirrels. Heals off leash. Loves the husband. Rolls over for a stale cheerio. Plays hide and go seek. Loves to be scratched behind the ear. Has a high pitched cry of happiness.

This is Leonidas aka Leo on the husbands shoulders!

Leo loves to cuddle. Yawns like Chewbacca. Always has his nose to the ground. Loves to wrestle Artie. Naps 80% of the day. Likes grass. Heals off leash and is potty trained. Really loves kids. Has super big paws. Loves the wifey most ;)