Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing

Dear husband,

After you left for work my wonderful day went with you.
when you left my day went to the crapper.
-Dogs were driving me crazy- almost to the point of me throwing them in the huge dumpster. closing the lid and walking away.
- The homework/studying I had for today turned out to be waaaaaaay more than I thought.
- I have 3 test this weekend and feel I know nothing in preparation for those test.

I just feel like a big ole' lost mess.
What am I supposed to do?
and how am I supposed to do it?

It's just been one of those days....
But through-out the day this song kept popping in my head.
which ultimately prevented me from ditching the dogs and dropping out of school.
I wish I was joking.


Love your wife


Grace Kelly

Dear husband,

This is how I went about finishing up my studying for my big fat anatomy test tomorrow. 

Around 5 I started the study-a-thon. I was in a semi-chipper, beating a dead horse kinda mood.
I've only been preparing for it for like a week and a half.
So yes. I'm ready to drain this test of it's blood. (haha get it? My test is on the circulatory system aka the blood!)

Around 8 I started to go crazy.
I craved carbs, wanted to lay on the floor and actually made up a dance (on the floor) representing the coagulation and clotting mechanism step in Hemostasis (prevention of blood loss).
I should perform this magnificent dance for my senior dance showcase.
Maybe they'd offer me a job on the spot?
mmmm,... Naaaah

I decided I needed to take a break and veg. So I listened to one of my favorite long lost musician Mika
This song instantly lifted my mood.

After Mika-ing out I decided I will only study for a little while longer.
So I finished up and then said a little prayer (actually a huge long prayer)

And then the reapidly growing Leo attacked me.
and thus ended my study-a-thon
(black blob=Leo)

Love wifey


Dear Husband,
You are the greatest thing that has every happened to me.

Dear anatomy blood test,
Guess what?
I'm coming to destroy you.
Don't worry...
You wont feel a thing.

Dear blood circulating through my body,
So basically I've learn everything about you.
Your genealogy, where your produced, disorders, functions, your death and recycle.
Keep doing what your doing!
Honestly, the fact that you know when and where your needed in my body blows my mind!

Dear Leo,
Why are you so dang cute?
I love your little puppy yawns and your big puppy feet.
I love that you love to snuggle right up next to me.
Your going to be a great dog.

Dear legit shocker "happy" collars,
We just purchased you for our dogs, and lemme just say WOW!
Artie thought he was cleaver for destroying his last happy collar- but you, your indestructible!
and so sophisticated!
Training will be a breeze with you firmly attached to our dogs
and for that we thank you.

Dear usual warm weather,
Please stay....
We love you!
Yesterday I felt the heat from the sun for the first time in 4 months.
It was beautiful.
And the other day I was able to walk outside without having my lungs freeze.
Please oh please say a freakishly early spring has arrived!



Dear husband,
I'm pretty excited to bake and devour Pioneer Woman's awesome cinnamon rolls this weekend!!

Love wife

P.s  If you have not experienced the Pdubs cinnamon rolls your missing out on a {dare I say it?} orgasmic taste whirlwind of ooey-gooey-sticky-nothing-like-you've-ever-tasted-before.
Trust me. That good.




munch munch

Dear Tastespotting,
Ohhh delicious food on Tastespotting...
Why dose thou tempest me with all your yummy looking recipes?
Doncha' know I'm trying to attempt a 28 day detox??
I guess it doesn't help that i'm literally addicted to your luscious mouth-watering site.
The yummy foods sooth and inspires me after a long day.
I guess I'll just have to live with you 
and the chocolatey temptations you throw at me.
Love a bitter/sweet reader



Dear husband

Guess what?

I'm craving summertime...

Yo quiero.

Love wanna-be-doing-this-below wife 




Want to see what Leo looks like when he runs???

Yup! A little squealing piglet!
And this little piggy went wee wee wee, all the way home.


I'll learn to breath underwater

Dear husband,

Life is moving so fast.
Almost to fast.
I feel like I haven't been able to catch my breath this past month.
{Study. Class. Study. Dogs. Study. Dogs. Study. Study. Clean. Make you dinner. Clean. Study. Dogs. Sleep}
We'll be celebrating our 6 month anniversary this month.
Crazy huh?
Love your sinking wife.

Our day so far.

Hubs and I have been super busy either with school, work, errands and/or dogs.
Heres how our day has been so far.
  • Pup Leo has been sleeping all through the night (which is rare for a puppy to do) We thank him.
  • Last night the Hubs decided to experiment and put the pup in with Artie to see if they would snuggle up and sleep with one another.
  • Success! They did! All. Through. The. Night!
  • However, Leo had a little big accident during the night while they were bunking and got Artie and himself soaked. (Bravo little guy)
  • He then proceeded to run around the apartment with his pee drenched paws before we discovered his big wet mess.
  • Husband discovered his little pee surprise in the cage and hollered to me to grab Leo.
  • But before I knew of this nasty discovery, Leo found me, and greeted me by jumping to my keens and putting his pee soaked paws on me.
  • I wondered why he was wet & then found out... I quickly changed and de-sanitized myself and then bundled up.
  • The husband gave them showers while I got ready for my morning class
  • The dishes haven't been done since Monday. ( I know, I know. Bad wife. Whatever)
  • While walking to my 7:45 class I noticed any exposed skin burned more than usual. 
  • Got to class and discovered it was NEGATIVE 22 degrees outside. Sheesh no wonder why my face and ears were numb! 
  • It's 1p.m. and it has warmed up quiet a bit (to -4)
  • I smell like bleach from all the impromptu pee clean ups and our kitchen smells like pee and nasty dishes. Time to bleach everything.
  • Turns out the pup doesn't like to pee when its negative degree weather... which means we take him out and nothing happens. But when we bring him inside he pees all over the place. Seriously. He walk and pees, Leaving little trails of urine. Grreeat. 
Obladi olbada life goes on yeah?

Now time to study for my exams...


Do you feel the way I do?

Dear talk box lovin' husband,

I love your undying respect and love for Peter Frampton. 
Every Saturday when making breakfast (and sometimes brunch) we blast your favorite song by the talk box king Do you feel like I do. 
It's a pretty awesome tradition.
And I love seeing your facial expressions during the guitar and talk box solos.

We most defiantly have to keep this tradition going for the rest of our lives!

Love your 'wishin' it was Saturday morning' wife

P.s We should have a Beatles day! I'm thinkin' either Mondays, Fridays or Sundays? Yes? No?