Grace Kelly

Dear husband,

This is how I went about finishing up my studying for my big fat anatomy test tomorrow. 

Around 5 I started the study-a-thon. I was in a semi-chipper, beating a dead horse kinda mood.
I've only been preparing for it for like a week and a half.
So yes. I'm ready to drain this test of it's blood. (haha get it? My test is on the circulatory system aka the blood!)

Around 8 I started to go crazy.
I craved carbs, wanted to lay on the floor and actually made up a dance (on the floor) representing the coagulation and clotting mechanism step in Hemostasis (prevention of blood loss).
I should perform this magnificent dance for my senior dance showcase.
Maybe they'd offer me a job on the spot?
mmmm,... Naaaah

I decided I needed to take a break and veg. So I listened to one of my favorite long lost musician Mika
This song instantly lifted my mood.

After Mika-ing out I decided I will only study for a little while longer.
So I finished up and then said a little prayer (actually a huge long prayer)

And then the reapidly growing Leo attacked me.
and thus ended my study-a-thon
(black blob=Leo)

Love wifey

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