Dear Husband,
You are the greatest thing that has every happened to me.

Dear anatomy blood test,
Guess what?
I'm coming to destroy you.
Don't worry...
You wont feel a thing.

Dear blood circulating through my body,
So basically I've learn everything about you.
Your genealogy, where your produced, disorders, functions, your death and recycle.
Keep doing what your doing!
Honestly, the fact that you know when and where your needed in my body blows my mind!

Dear Leo,
Why are you so dang cute?
I love your little puppy yawns and your big puppy feet.
I love that you love to snuggle right up next to me.
Your going to be a great dog.

Dear legit shocker "happy" collars,
We just purchased you for our dogs, and lemme just say WOW!
Artie thought he was cleaver for destroying his last happy collar- but you, your indestructible!
and so sophisticated!
Training will be a breeze with you firmly attached to our dogs
and for that we thank you.

Dear usual warm weather,
Please stay....
We love you!
Yesterday I felt the heat from the sun for the first time in 4 months.
It was beautiful.
And the other day I was able to walk outside without having my lungs freeze.
Please oh please say a freakishly early spring has arrived!


  1. I really enjoy your creative writing style and the varied subjects you write about.