New blog!

Hello again!!
Long time no post huh?
Well!! Our new blog is (finally) viewable!!
We're still working out some kinks but I will be regularly posting on that blog instead of this one!!
Go check it out!
Thank you so much everyone!!
We'll see you over there!

Love husband and wife


Hello again!!

Dear readers

Sorry for being M.I.A!!
Finals are over
Graduation came and went (woot!)
And now we're packing and trying to find a place to live! Crazy huh?
But guess what??
We're working on another blog (and hopefully a little store..) that will eventually take the place of this one!
It should be up and running in a next few weeks and we're super excited to share our life with you guys!

Once we get settled I'll be back to regular blogging but in the mean time i'm going to have to take another break (i know.. i know..)
See you at the new blog!!
We'll be posting a link on here and facebook :)

Love husband & wife & pups 



Dear husband,
I'm so blessed to have you in my life!
and thank you for making/helping me write out my 7pg dance paper at 2am last night..
I don't think I would of had it finished before class today.

Dear body,
Im so so SO sorry for putting junk in you. I feel disgusting. As soon as this whole school thing is over, im putting you on a lovely cleanse and taking you out on a nice long run.
Time to get back into shape!

Dear Cadbury eggs and hubbys awesome quesadillas,
This weekend is your last weekend to ever enter my mouth. 
Seriously. I want you outta here!

Dear jobs I've applied too,
Any positive news??
Actually, do you have any news for me??

Dear readers,
I'm gong to be MIA for the next weekish or so.
It's finals week, graduation and moving time! Which will leave me little time for computer time :(
I will return shortly!!


Lessons learned


Me: Yay! I'm graduating in 93 days!!!
Lab partner: Oh sweet! Congrats! What are you graduating in?
Me: Health science; emphasis in public health!!!
Lab partner: Nice! What about your minor?
Me: Dance! 
Lab partner: Just dance...?
Me: Yeeees... dance. It one of my favorite things to do!
Lab partner: Well that's a nice... it sounds funintersting jdsiuehfijkxle.

Conversation #2 {lesson learned}

Boy in anatomy lab. we'll call him Chuck.

Chuck: Can you believe we only 10 days of school left? Finals are next week!!
Me: And so is graduation!!! Boo-yah!
Chuck: Are you a health science major?
Me: Yup; public health emphasis!
Chuck: What did you decided to minor in? I'm thinking I should minor in chemistry or something...
Me: Oh good luck. Chem is hard but I'm minoring in kinesthetic studies & movement analysis.
Chuck: kinesthetic...? That sounds complex! 
Me: I laugh and think yes Chuck, yes it is.

Denishaw dancers

"I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what it too deep to find for words."  -Ruth St. Denis

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."  -Martha Graham


cross our fingers

So a few of you have asked about the house we've been looking at!
Here it is!!

It was built in the 40's and sits an a beautiful .3 acre lot- which will be perfect for my big flower garden and of course to let the dogs roam free.
It's a good buy for the price and we're super excited!!
This wasn't our home of choice, but a series of events lead us to this cute little one.
Scott went down to Utah this weekend to give it a final synopsis and we decided to put an offer on it!!!
So hopefully our offer gets accepted!!


Wave your broom in the air.

This was my morning. 
Running around our pasture waving a broom in the air.

Let me explain. I went to let the dogs out for their morning pee and poopoo. I of course was still in my pjs. So I threw on my rain boots and my husbands big baggy jacket and threw up my nest like hair in a pony tail. 
While waiting for them to finnish, Leo comes happily galloping to me.
I think "aw how precious!"
As he approaches he begins to cough and gag.
and then coughs up this rank rodent skull on my feet. 
It was bad. As soon as it left his mouth I could smell it. 
Leo looks up at me with this " your my best friend-- I love you" face and then grabs the skull and runs like a little pig for the pasture.

Leo has this uncanning ability to find animal skulls. It's impressive. He also likes to them to me as presents. He often places his many treasures so lovingly on my feet. weather it be coughing them up or dropping them there. It's a loving gesture.
Well, I wasn't going to let my pup ingest that nasty rotten skull and I was for sure not going to touch it with my hands. So I go grab our broom and run to the field.
I may have looked like a crazy hobo person chasing a puppy up and down the field but it was all to prevent future problems. 
Like a puppy vomiting every 5 minutes or even worse toxic-rotten-skull puppy flatulence. 
In the end Leo eventually dropped the skull. 
and then Artie came up and ate it.
Here's to my smelly weekend!
{Artie and Leo}

{Leo really loves to sleep on this crate}

{Husband and Leo}


window shopping

So I'm all alone this weekend.
The hubsters went down to cougers-a-gogo land to tour some houses.
Hopefully the one we've been eyeing is everything we've hoped for and more..
I stayed behind to accomplish the many project and papers I need to get done before finals annnnd to take care of the pups.
Unfortunately the pups decided to be super hyper/ annoyingly needy and I felt like doing nothing but chilling in my yoga pants and reading blogs. 
So.. not much school work is happening… yet. {thats what Saturdays are for right?}

Tonight I was dream summer wardrobe shopping.
Of course I added things to my shopping cart, 
but did not buy a thing.
The whole poor newly married college student thang kinda sucks sometimes.
Especially when you visit the alluring Anthropology website.
I had to resuscitate my wallet 3 times because it feared the high prices.
So I moved on to my next favorite store Ruche.
Super cute clothes for decent prices!
And oh my!
Do I want 80% of their selections.
Here are a few of my favorites from their spring collection!
Oh! and the last skirt is from forever21! I had to add it!

A girl can dream right..??

New glasses?

So I got my trail pairs of Warby Parker glasses! It's a pretty neat deal- they let you try 5 pairs of glasses for frreeeee for as many times as you want and in all sorts of colors!
And well... I'm slowly falling in love with the nerdy chic glasses!
In the first picture i'm sportin' the Colton's in sandalwood!
and in the second picture i'm wearing the Miles in amber.
I'm loving them!! and am seriously thinking of purchasing a pair sometime in the near future...


Wrap my little one up

Dear husband,
Ok... I promise i'm not baby hungry or anything, but a lot of the blogs I follow either have kids, just had a baby or are pregnant.
So, today on one of my daily read I came across these baby cocoons!!!
How precious are these?
Perfect for the little ones!
Love wife