Dear husband,
I'm so blessed to have you in my life!
and thank you for making/helping me write out my 7pg dance paper at 2am last night..
I don't think I would of had it finished before class today.

Dear body,
Im so so SO sorry for putting junk in you. I feel disgusting. As soon as this whole school thing is over, im putting you on a lovely cleanse and taking you out on a nice long run.
Time to get back into shape!

Dear Cadbury eggs and hubbys awesome quesadillas,
This weekend is your last weekend to ever enter my mouth. 
Seriously. I want you outta here!

Dear jobs I've applied too,
Any positive news??
Actually, do you have any news for me??

Dear readers,
I'm gong to be MIA for the next weekish or so.
It's finals week, graduation and moving time! Which will leave me little time for computer time :(
I will return shortly!!

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