New and improved wife!

Dear hubs,

I'm turning a new leaf!
This morning I had an epiphany- and that epiphany will change my life for good.
I realized that I've let stress creep into my life.
And sadly it has made itself quite comfortable in my once carefree mind set.
So! I've decided to really try my hardest to flush the stressors out of my life for good.
Now I know this isn't entirely possible, but the way I respond to the stress will make my life, your life, our children's life and our dogs life a whole lot more enjoyable.
I can choose to either save my life or give myself a brain aneurysm at the age of 40 due to the high amount of stress.
I chose life filled with more enjoyment (a-duh)
While sitting in chemistry I complied a list of goals that I think will help ease the stress for this last bit of the semester.

They are..
  • No Facebook. Ever.
  • Read scriptures 30min per day
  • Meditate/yoga 30 min per day
  • Only 1 hr of Internet per day
  • No more house hunting until we're really ready
  • Manage time more wisely
    • Do homework from 2:30-930pm
    • Pick up house from 9:30-11pm
    • In bed by 11pm
  • Eat healthy (no more junk binging on the weekends!)
  • No more procrastinating on assignments!! (biggy!)
Anyway, I pray I stick to these goals.

Love namaste wife

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  1. These all sound like great ideas! Good Luck in doing all of them. :)