Weekend recap!

This weekend was supposed to super duper busy with homework, research papers and studying.
But as Senioritis deepens it's roots within my brain I find it hard to sit down and work on something for more than 5 minutes. Which is why I only got one paragraph of my dance research analysis paper done, 6 questions accomplished on my heart exam, and my name and title on my anatomy research paper.
After a many failed attempts at accomplishing my long list of school work, I gave in.
It was a semi-spring day and the sun was out (although it was still freezing)
Instead of homework the hubs and I found a many things to keep us occupied:
  • We went to lunch with my awesome cousin and ate amazing food
  • We bought 5 boxes of the coveted girl scout cookies
  • We ate all 5 boxes...
  • We had dinner with friends, hung out and went to the cinema 
  • We taught Leo how to heal off leash, sit, lay down, stay and release. (he's an uber smart little guy)
  • We found the source of my cry spells (and decided to stop taking the tiny daily nugget)
  • We also went on lots and lots of walks  


  1. um is the tiny little nugget the pill? haha that would be a source of cry spells. curse that thing.

  2. I love reading your blogs. I can't believe yu are leaving rexburg. I need someone to go to spin class with me.