(lots of) Weekend letter

Dear husband,
Thank you for being an incredibly wonderful man. 
Your Mama raised you well
I love you I love you I love you

Dear dream house,
We found you!!!
But why oh why are you slightly out of our price range??
We will get you- I promise!
However, I need to find a job first...

Dear Job postings,
I applied for 6 of you this morning.
Man, whats up with all the questions?
Please oh please give me positive news when contacting me!
Seriously, I will only accept positive news.

Dear Stef, Joey and Ollie
Your house is cute, your puppy cuter and we can't wait to move down to Utah.
Lots of puppy play date, baking, gardening and crafting.

Dear family, 
It was fun getting together this weekend!
Lets do it again sometime yes?

Dear future Mickelle Smith
We're so sorry we can't make it to you wedding!

Dear senioritis,
Is there a cure for you? 
If so, get me a prescription STAT!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Sorry to say this, but the only cure for senioritis is graduation. Lucky for you it will happen soon! Good Luck with getting a job!