Letters in hues of purple

Dear anatomy and dance research papers,
Can you please write yourselves??
I'm currently experiencing a slight writers block 
and can't get past writing my name and title.
Thank you!

Dear chemistry,
Why is it that I can get an A on an Anatomy test but can only get a C on your exams?
It just doesn't make sense! 
I'm even doing better in Economics! (Which is saying something)

Dear weekend,
Please oh please go by slowly. 
Suuuuper slowly. Like, were talking DMV slow.

Dear dream house,
Please stay on the market! 
We love your cute little windows, your huge yard and beautiful country/cottage home style.
We promise were going to buy you we've just got to prove we're making enough to afford you.
But if any potential buyers come by, scare them off with giant rats or some how develop a temporary mold infestation. Temporary, being the key word.
We'll be yours soon!

Dear Artie and Leo,
I love when I'm doing homework on the floor and you both come over close to me and tentatively watch my every move. Leo will eventually drift off to sleep, but Artie stays awake and just lays there watching me. It makes me love you guys so much more.

Love me!

{This picture makes me happy!}


  1. our dream house is currently on the market too. Doesn't help that its right across the street from our apartment. Doesn't help tom is going back to school. Therefor it wont be ours!

  2. Put a picture up of your dream house. Where's it t?