Speaking of dogs...

Speaking of dogs...
Meet our new addition!!

His name is Leonidas but we call him Leo for short.
His only 7 weeks old and is an adorable little pirana. (Seriously... puppies have razor sharp teeth and he latches on to everything!)
He loves to follow me around and cuddle on my lap- although this only happens when he's totally pooped and not trying to sink his teeth into my flesh.

Brown Lab+English Mastiff= Leo!
So he's going to be huge.
But as of right now, he only goes up to my ankles.
The hubs and I knew we always wanted two dogs (specifically hunting dogs) 
And it just so happened we saw this little guy for free on craigslist!
We didnt know he was a Mastiff until the previous owner told us (we only knew he was a lab)
But lucky for us, Mastiffs were bread to hunt bears and big game animals such as elk and moose (the hubs almost peed his pants when he found out)
I was more excited to find that their laid back gentle giants who were very loyal to their family.

Anyway, we've got a lot of work cut out for us to get him as well trained as Artie.


Dear hubs,

Artie loves it when I bake peanut butter doggie treats!
He could hardly wait for them to cool.
The best part of it is 

  1. We don't have to buy super expensive dog treats
  2. The recipe is super easy and makes at least 2 dozen!

Definitely going to keep making these.
Love wifey


Excited to be a mama

Dear future daddy to be,
My anatomy test took me 3 1/2 hour to take.
3 1/2 HOURS!! I wasn't even stumped on any questions! Not one!
But needless to say, it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds. 
I was super prepare and basically regurgitated everything I memorized on the write on portion of the test, and even drew pretty pictures of the different types of nervous systems (my professor loves pictures and recommends we use colored pencils on the exam. How cool is that?)
I scored an 84% on the multiple choice so I hope and pray I did stellar on the written part just enough to raise my grade to an A.
We shall see. 

Anyway, for some reason all through out the test I was thinking about how awesome it's going to feel to have a little developing human being in my belly!
So when I got home, I looked up pictures.
and even found a blog dedicated to pregnancy, big bellies, breast feeding and labor.
The blog really captivates the beauty and miracle of motherhood.
Here are a few pictures from the blog!

Love future mama

P.s Yes I am baby hungry, however our spirit babies are just going to have to be patient.

Letters to life

Dear glasses,
The paper clip thats holding your little arms on is beginning to weaken and your lenses are no longer the prescription needed.
Don't give up my little glasses!
I need you to see the world!

Dear Artie,
Your the only dog that can flatulate softly like a human
and burp loudly like a man.
Your attempts to sit on a bar stool like we humans do amuses me. You just can't seem to get your back legs up.

Dear rain boots,
Thank you for keeping my feet warm and dry

Dear weekend,
Is that really you??
I'm so glad your here- like. Really really really glad.

Dear Anatomy exam,
I'm going to own you.
Meet me at the testing center 3pm sharp.
I can smell your fear.

Dear brain,
Please oh pleas remember everything I've memorized.
And no brain farts! 
You know how much I hate those.

Love Me


Dear Battle wounds Arnett,

Sorry about the lack of.. well.... everything.

School has consumed me almost to the point where I feel I'm sinking.
But your always there strap my life jacket back on.
Just remember, 
Your the apple to my sauce.
My gluteus to my maximus 
My hippie in the sixties 
and the sun to my shine.

I love you I love you I love you
This week was rough.
But guess what?
It's the weekend!!!

Love Mrs. Arnett


What's up Doc?

Dear husband,

This photo made my night!

Ride sally ride

Dear hubs,

Remember how I said you can either have a new gun or a motorcycle? 
Well today during Chemistry lecture I decided you would look dang sexy on a motorcycle.
However, don't try to pull any stupid stunts- ok
Love wife



Could-have-been love story

This video is super cute!
How many of us are guilty of this??


Friday song!

Dear husband,
Happy Friday!!

This was my besties and I 'Aloha Friday' song!
We played it religiously every week after we were done with classes (and sometimes in the morning when we were getting ready)
It got us pumped!

Love weekend lovin' wifey



Dear husband,



Isn't this oh so sexy?!?
Haha ok.. maybe not but it's dang funny!



Dear husband,
After finally completing my long to-do-list I decided to realx by purousing through a collection of vintage pictures on Miss Moss blog.
And! I came across some old kissing photos!!
I couldn't resist posting them!

{All images from LIFE Mag}


Dear husband,

You have a bad habit.
That nasty habit is you not rinsing your work tupperware containers after they have been loving used.
Now, you gotta remember that sometimes I don't do the dishes every stinkin' day and as a result, sometimes those containers sit out for a day or two (or three..) with the lid tightly on.
You can only imagine the stench that overwhelms the kitchen when I release the fumes of spoiled food leftovers.
Just FYI- I cleaned 5 really smelly/near pukeage containers tonight. 
Please, oh please rise out your containers or else there will be no food to go in them.
Love your dishwasher aka wife.


Dear husband,

You know where I'd like us to be right now? 

  Here: It's beautiful, fresh and peaceful. 

Leaving all worries behind us.

Love your nature craving wife


Baby, I love you

Dear hubby,
Ok... so I felt kinda bad for using our blog as another way to complain about my "oh so hard life"
I got over it. It's a little crazy and a lot of stressful but I'm extremely blessed to be attending this University.
Sometimes you just need to vent every once in a while.
And venting to a dog, might I add, doesn't help at all. I need feed back or moral support. The most moral support I get from Artie is nasty gas that will awaken you out of a sleepy groan or knock you out....depending on the severity and if we fed him 1 cup or 2 for dinner.
Anyway enough about dog gas.

Heres a song and band I love!
Plus I can't hep but feel this way about you.
I love you babe!!

Complain blah complain

Dear hard workin' hubs,
This is going to be a rather quick post.
I'm taking a little break in between studying for Chemistry and Economics.
Bleh. I'm tired and slightly craving salt and vinegar chips.
Why oh why did I save these hard demanding classes for my last semester here?
Good thing I'm a expert swimmer.
I'm going to need to use those skills to stay a float in my classes.

Love struggling to swim wife


Because I got high.... on life

Dear husband,

Tonight events went as followed:

2:30 You left for work, leaving me to tend a very needy pup.
3:00 I cracked down and studied for Anatomy and Chemistry 
3:45 Artie got board of chasing his tail and decided to try to lick the skin off my fingers.
4:00 after a many of shocks (from the good ole' shock collar) and a few wacks on the nose Artie stopped licking my fingers and decided to go for my toes.
4:05 I bundled up and decided I couldnt study here with so many distractions.
4:10 Tricked Artie into his cage be feeding him stale plain cheerios (His fav!)
4:15 I decided to hunt for a white board in a secluded room so I could write out and memorize my cranial nerves out loud to myself without people thinking I was crazy.
 4:30 All buildings were locked! What the? Tried to located a room at the library. Nothing. What kind of loser decided to study on a holiday? Oh wait... I do.
4:33 Decided I was a lame-o for being anxious/super excited to finish studying the cranial nerves
4:45 Went to the new MC building and located a huge conference room that had a white board complete with new markers and erasers!!
6:30 White-board markers were defiantly new... I'm sure you would be able to smell them from across the room.
6:50ish started to feel a little light headed/weight-less feeling
6:52 Came to the realization that I was in fact experiencing the classic signs of "becoming high"
6:52:30 sprinted out of the conference room gasping and chocking for fresh air.
6:53 realized I just put on a little show for a FHE group that was meeting out side the conference room.
6:53:15 The poor souls just gawked at me for a few seconds before asking me if I was ok.
6:54 Decided I was done with anatomy and the new fancy marker (I've memorized all that I needed to know anyways..)
7:00 Studied for chemistry the old fashioned way (on paper with pencil)
9:31 came home and realized Artie had been locked up for way to long. Because now he's flinging a tissue around as if it were a dead limp squirrel and growling at it. 


Hello dearies!
We're just popping in to say hello and to let you all know that we're alive and well.
- - - -
I'm going to be taking a short break...
It seems I need to re-learn how to juggle life now that school's in full swing again.
But don't fret! 
I will be returning to regular post once I get the hang of this new schedule and sleeping pattern. 
Hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll get everything figured out by next Monday! 
Well... I have to get it all figured out or my brain will melt. Literally.

Anyway! much love!
-husband & wifey


23 years young!

To my dear sweet and handsome husband,


I love you with all my heart, mind and soul.
I hope you have a wonderfully spectacular day tomorrow!!

Love your wife

Celebrate good times, come on!

Hubby's birthday is tomorrow!
Annnd he got the day off to celebrate!
So I'll be taking the day off as well, 
however I couldn't resist posting a birthday shout out with a cute picture of the birthday boy feeding our little friend Helamen! 

We'll be sure to post lots of pictures of his birthday
annnnd I'll post a video tour of our newly finished winter dwelling!
 Love husband & wife



Dear My handy-man husband,
What do you think about building some furniture???
You know, for our hopefully soon to be house?
Eh? likey? likey?
I let you think about it.
It will be a great opportunity for us to grow and learn and create together!
And! may I add, a lot easier on the wallet
You should help me learn how to use a jigg-saw properly. I fear I may saw something important off like a phalange or an arm. 

Love your DIY wife

P.s This is me accomplishing one of my 2011 goals
p.p.s I've already started planning out how I want to decorate our house. And it's going to be super cute!


Dear hubby,
I have finally compiled a list of goals I will accomplish this year!

I will read the Scriptures every day. (it's so simple yet so hard)
I will take better care of my body and not eat junk.
I must exercise every day of the week!
I will experiment more with cooking and baking
I will be a better wife
I will be more optimistic
I will pray every morning and every night
I will make more of an effort in how I dress/do my hair
I will craft more/ more diy projects
I will buy more vintage 
I must do more service for others
I will start my own business
I will attend the Temple on a weekly basis (it's up the street... so why is it so hard?)

It's a hefty list but I intend to make this year the best year ever!! (the best so far anyway..!)

Love goal crazed wife


run for the hills!

Dearest Arti,

Your flatulence is like that of burning sewage.
An odor so horrifically pungent that it makes onions cry.
A stench so rank that it kills any forms of life, including bacteria.
Just thought I'd let you know what toxic fumes your releasing into our atmosphere. 
Love your humans

Goodnight kisses

Dear better-than-prince-charming husband,

Last night I went to bed a little before you.
You had some things you wanted to take care of before you went to bed, I tired to stay up with you (since you said it would only take a few minutes) however our warm cozy bed was beckoning me and my eye lids began to feel 100 lbs. heavier.
So i gave in and went to bed with out you.
Just as I was beginning to drift off to la-la land you came in our room.
You knelt down beside the bed
 kissed me softly 
and then stared at me (cute romantic-like, not creepy-like)
I abruptly interrupted my dream-like state and opened my eyes and asked you what?
Then you said: "Your absolutely beautiful"
I smiled. You softly kissed me again and went to brush your teeth.

Sigh... you really know how to make a girl swoon.
I went to sleep extremely happy to be your wife.