Letters to life

Dear glasses,
The paper clip thats holding your little arms on is beginning to weaken and your lenses are no longer the prescription needed.
Don't give up my little glasses!
I need you to see the world!

Dear Artie,
Your the only dog that can flatulate softly like a human
and burp loudly like a man.
Your attempts to sit on a bar stool like we humans do amuses me. You just can't seem to get your back legs up.

Dear rain boots,
Thank you for keeping my feet warm and dry

Dear weekend,
Is that really you??
I'm so glad your here- like. Really really really glad.

Dear Anatomy exam,
I'm going to own you.
Meet me at the testing center 3pm sharp.
I can smell your fear.

Dear brain,
Please oh pleas remember everything I've memorized.
And no brain farts! 
You know how much I hate those.

Love Me

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