Excited to be a mama

Dear future daddy to be,
My anatomy test took me 3 1/2 hour to take.
3 1/2 HOURS!! I wasn't even stumped on any questions! Not one!
But needless to say, it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds. 
I was super prepare and basically regurgitated everything I memorized on the write on portion of the test, and even drew pretty pictures of the different types of nervous systems (my professor loves pictures and recommends we use colored pencils on the exam. How cool is that?)
I scored an 84% on the multiple choice so I hope and pray I did stellar on the written part just enough to raise my grade to an A.
We shall see. 

Anyway, for some reason all through out the test I was thinking about how awesome it's going to feel to have a little developing human being in my belly!
So when I got home, I looked up pictures.
and even found a blog dedicated to pregnancy, big bellies, breast feeding and labor.
The blog really captivates the beauty and miracle of motherhood.
Here are a few pictures from the blog!

Love future mama

P.s Yes I am baby hungry, however our spirit babies are just going to have to be patient.

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  1. I would be very excited to have a little grandbaby... but I think we will have to come up with another name for me other then Grandma please.... and great job on your test very proud of you... Love your mom (also baby hungry for a little grandbaby to spoil