Goodnight kisses

Dear better-than-prince-charming husband,

Last night I went to bed a little before you.
You had some things you wanted to take care of before you went to bed, I tired to stay up with you (since you said it would only take a few minutes) however our warm cozy bed was beckoning me and my eye lids began to feel 100 lbs. heavier.
So i gave in and went to bed with out you.
Just as I was beginning to drift off to la-la land you came in our room.
You knelt down beside the bed
 kissed me softly 
and then stared at me (cute romantic-like, not creepy-like)
I abruptly interrupted my dream-like state and opened my eyes and asked you what?
Then you said: "Your absolutely beautiful"
I smiled. You softly kissed me again and went to brush your teeth.

Sigh... you really know how to make a girl swoon.
I went to sleep extremely happy to be your wife.

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