Dear hubby,
I have finally compiled a list of goals I will accomplish this year!

I will read the Scriptures every day. (it's so simple yet so hard)
I will take better care of my body and not eat junk.
I must exercise every day of the week!
I will experiment more with cooking and baking
I will be a better wife
I will be more optimistic
I will pray every morning and every night
I will make more of an effort in how I dress/do my hair
I will craft more/ more diy projects
I will buy more vintage 
I must do more service for others
I will start my own business
I will attend the Temple on a weekly basis (it's up the street... so why is it so hard?)

It's a hefty list but I intend to make this year the best year ever!! (the best so far anyway..!)

Love goal crazed wife

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