Because I got high.... on life

Dear husband,

Tonight events went as followed:

2:30 You left for work, leaving me to tend a very needy pup.
3:00 I cracked down and studied for Anatomy and Chemistry 
3:45 Artie got board of chasing his tail and decided to try to lick the skin off my fingers.
4:00 after a many of shocks (from the good ole' shock collar) and a few wacks on the nose Artie stopped licking my fingers and decided to go for my toes.
4:05 I bundled up and decided I couldnt study here with so many distractions.
4:10 Tricked Artie into his cage be feeding him stale plain cheerios (His fav!)
4:15 I decided to hunt for a white board in a secluded room so I could write out and memorize my cranial nerves out loud to myself without people thinking I was crazy.
 4:30 All buildings were locked! What the? Tried to located a room at the library. Nothing. What kind of loser decided to study on a holiday? Oh wait... I do.
4:33 Decided I was a lame-o for being anxious/super excited to finish studying the cranial nerves
4:45 Went to the new MC building and located a huge conference room that had a white board complete with new markers and erasers!!
6:30 White-board markers were defiantly new... I'm sure you would be able to smell them from across the room.
6:50ish started to feel a little light headed/weight-less feeling
6:52 Came to the realization that I was in fact experiencing the classic signs of "becoming high"
6:52:30 sprinted out of the conference room gasping and chocking for fresh air.
6:53 realized I just put on a little show for a FHE group that was meeting out side the conference room.
6:53:15 The poor souls just gawked at me for a few seconds before asking me if I was ok.
6:54 Decided I was done with anatomy and the new fancy marker (I've memorized all that I needed to know anyways..)
7:00 Studied for chemistry the old fashioned way (on paper with pencil)
9:31 came home and realized Artie had been locked up for way to long. Because now he's flinging a tissue around as if it were a dead limp squirrel and growling at it. 

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