Dear husband,

You have a bad habit.
That nasty habit is you not rinsing your work tupperware containers after they have been loving used.
Now, you gotta remember that sometimes I don't do the dishes every stinkin' day and as a result, sometimes those containers sit out for a day or two (or three..) with the lid tightly on.
You can only imagine the stench that overwhelms the kitchen when I release the fumes of spoiled food leftovers.
Just FYI- I cleaned 5 really smelly/near pukeage containers tonight. 
Please, oh please rise out your containers or else there will be no food to go in them.
Love your dishwasher aka wife.


  1. Even just opening them so that the food dries instead of festers is a big improvement. I refuse to touch closed dirty tupperware. It's made a difference. ;)

  2. Hmmmm... maybe I'll make him wash them or something.

  3. I have the same problem with Russ. It's nastier when he brings one in that's been sitting in his car for who knows how long.