Wave your broom in the air.

This was my morning. 
Running around our pasture waving a broom in the air.

Let me explain. I went to let the dogs out for their morning pee and poopoo. I of course was still in my pjs. So I threw on my rain boots and my husbands big baggy jacket and threw up my nest like hair in a pony tail. 
While waiting for them to finnish, Leo comes happily galloping to me.
I think "aw how precious!"
As he approaches he begins to cough and gag.
and then coughs up this rank rodent skull on my feet. 
It was bad. As soon as it left his mouth I could smell it. 
Leo looks up at me with this " your my best friend-- I love you" face and then grabs the skull and runs like a little pig for the pasture.

Leo has this uncanning ability to find animal skulls. It's impressive. He also likes to them to me as presents. He often places his many treasures so lovingly on my feet. weather it be coughing them up or dropping them there. It's a loving gesture.
Well, I wasn't going to let my pup ingest that nasty rotten skull and I was for sure not going to touch it with my hands. So I go grab our broom and run to the field.
I may have looked like a crazy hobo person chasing a puppy up and down the field but it was all to prevent future problems. 
Like a puppy vomiting every 5 minutes or even worse toxic-rotten-skull puppy flatulence. 
In the end Leo eventually dropped the skull. 
and then Artie came up and ate it.
Here's to my smelly weekend!
{Artie and Leo}

{Leo really loves to sleep on this crate}

{Husband and Leo}

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