Our day so far.

Hubs and I have been super busy either with school, work, errands and/or dogs.
Heres how our day has been so far.
  • Pup Leo has been sleeping all through the night (which is rare for a puppy to do) We thank him.
  • Last night the Hubs decided to experiment and put the pup in with Artie to see if they would snuggle up and sleep with one another.
  • Success! They did! All. Through. The. Night!
  • However, Leo had a little big accident during the night while they were bunking and got Artie and himself soaked. (Bravo little guy)
  • He then proceeded to run around the apartment with his pee drenched paws before we discovered his big wet mess.
  • Husband discovered his little pee surprise in the cage and hollered to me to grab Leo.
  • But before I knew of this nasty discovery, Leo found me, and greeted me by jumping to my keens and putting his pee soaked paws on me.
  • I wondered why he was wet & then found out... I quickly changed and de-sanitized myself and then bundled up.
  • The husband gave them showers while I got ready for my morning class
  • The dishes haven't been done since Monday. ( I know, I know. Bad wife. Whatever)
  • While walking to my 7:45 class I noticed any exposed skin burned more than usual. 
  • Got to class and discovered it was NEGATIVE 22 degrees outside. Sheesh no wonder why my face and ears were numb! 
  • It's 1p.m. and it has warmed up quiet a bit (to -4)
  • I smell like bleach from all the impromptu pee clean ups and our kitchen smells like pee and nasty dishes. Time to bleach everything.
  • Turns out the pup doesn't like to pee when its negative degree weather... which means we take him out and nothing happens. But when we bring him inside he pees all over the place. Seriously. He walk and pees, Leaving little trails of urine. Grreeat. 
Obladi olbada life goes on yeah?

Now time to study for my exams...

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  1. My two dogs used to snuggle in the crate and in the doggy bed. Rocket misses Rachel, and so does the whole family. Its funny how dogs become so much a part of your life. There what they puppy pee pads. Maybe you can put that in one place and teach him pee there and then when it warms up you can start taking in outside.. would you like to pee in negative weather.. My Rocket does not like it either the snow is up to his stomach and I dont think he can feel it so that he can pee. But he still does! Rachel when she was sick was doing all the "accidents"