All you need is love!

Dear hubster,
We've accomplished quite a lot this past week!
  • Finished watching The Princess and the Frog! (loved it!!)
  • Deep cleaned our apartment while listening to the awesome Across the Universe soundtrack
  • Worked out EVERY single day of an hour and a half!
  • Made fabulously healthy delicious meals! (Thanks to this fabulous lady!)
  • We got a pet! although.. it's not something you can cuddle or want to touch.
  • Our pet is a bowl of fermenting yeast on our kitchen counter.
  • We just recently used a portion of our 10 day old fermented yeast pet in delicious homemade sour dough bread! (Makes the best french toast and sandwich bread)
  • We also made french bread.
  • You made a few sales! and I finally got certified in FEMA Is-100!
I love it! It's a beautifully sunny Autumn day!

Love you lots!

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