Dear Hubbster,


Is it alright to freak out now?!?
Cause I'm pretty sure I just had a mini freak out a second ago.
:breath iiiinnnn and ouuuuuttt:
ok... I think I'll be good.

Only 7 day! Wow! Where did this engagement go??
Ha! Actually, it's been a very long, almost to long of a 'courtship'.
Welp! The end is near my love.
Here are 7 things I really really miss.

1. I miss studying/doing homework with you while you listened to your Latin musica. Well... not so much the doing homework part but just being around you
2. I miss cooking yummy food with you while listening to Jack Johnson.
3. I miss being able to see you when ever I wanted
4. I miss hanging out with our friends and just being social
5. I miss that face you do when you get really really excited about something.
6. I miss hugging you when you come home or to my apartment.
7. I miss just being with you and doing random spur of the moment things.

Love ya lots

love wife

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