Let's not be boring married students-k!

Dear hubby,

Who said once you get married you become boring?!?
actually... I do believe I've said that.
It was my single-life bitterness speaking and making bias of married people.
Since we're returning to school as a married couple- things are going to be a little different.
Like date night.
And since we both don't want to be a boring married here are 6 cheap date ideas for us!!

1. Build a fort and go "camping" in it!
2. Candle-lit picnic dinner in the backyard. Or in our case the park or somewhere on campus
3. Make treats for friends and/or neighbors and Ding-dong ditch them!
4. Have a candle lit massage night ;)
5. Go to school events like plays, dance nights and art shows. p.s I like critiquing art with you ;)
6. Have a game night with friends or by ourselves

Love yo wife

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