Dear husband,

8 days
8 days
eight days!

In honor of only having 8 days
Here are 8 sweet and adorable things you have done for me while we dated!

1. You made me banana pancakes for dinner while I was stressing and preparing for an exam.
2. You made and brought me de-lish hot chocolate after work on a below freezing winter night. (And you waited at least 15 min in the freezing cold before I actually got out of work)
3. You hid these amazing chocolate truffles in my backpack and when I found them there was a cute love note stuck to the package. It made my day :)
4. When we were first dating you wrote a love song for me and surprised performed it at lunch during acoustic hour. However, even though the song said 'love' countless number of times you weren't actually telling me you loved me. But I adore the song and started to fall for you the second i heard it.
5. You would help me fix my car when it would break down (which was like every other day)
6. You would walk me to class every day- even if it was out of your way and freezing cold.
7. Sometimes when I was scheduled for a long shift at work and had no time to prepare a decent dinner for myself- you would cook delicious late night meals and wait to eat with me.(I usually got off around 10-10:15pm)
8. You LOVE to play with my hair and I love that you love to play with it! :)

I'm so thankful for you!
Love soon to be wife!

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