Dear hubs,


And here are 2 awesomly sweet memories of when we first started dating.

1) Remember when you we're walking me to class and you asked me to hold something for you?
And I said "um... if it's trash I'm going to throw it at you."
You laughed and said "Trust me, it's not"
So then I held out my hand and you grabbed it. And we walked to my class hand in hand.
Yeah... It was smooth.

2) Do you remember when my car broke down in your apartment parking lot?
It was a freezing cold night and my car wouldn't turn over. We held each other close to keep warm in between trying to push start it and tweaking a few wires. You would breath on and rub our hands together to prevent them from getting frost bitten. We had a short moment. Our almost first kiss moment. We both wanted to kiss one another- I could tell. But we didn't. We gave up on my car for the night due to lack of energy and numb hands. So your roommate drove us home. We sat in the backseat and snuggled up to one another. We arrived at my apartment, you opened the door and were about to get out but I grabbed you and kissed your warm lips. Where I got the guts to do that? I dunno. But it was sweet- and the surprised/weak in the knees look on your face was priceless. We got out of the car and to the staircase. We said our good-byes and then we kissed again- little kisses on the lips. It was sweet and it was wonderful.

I love you babe!and I can't wait to see you tonight!
Love wife!

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