Dear husband,
Our wedding day is quickly approaching!!
Four whole days till we're married!!
Goodness... isn't that crazy??
There still time to back out if you feel you can't handle me ;)

Here are four awesome dates we went on while we were dating!

1. I remember going stargazing with you on a chilly fall night. We had just started really really dating. We talked, laughed and listened to Jack Johnson and I think Owl City. We saw a few shooting stars that night!

2. We bought a few 10 cent goldfish and 2 baby shrimps. We had many dreams for our new pets. For the shrimp, we wanted to feed him healthy food so he can grow big and strong. And when he had reached his going potential we would create a delicious dinner- with him in it. For we love to eat shrimp. Unfortunately, they didn't survive the night. It was suicide. They new what there doom was. For the goldfish however we treated them with royalty. We gave them a big spacious porcelain bowl for them to live. And yes maybe that was my roommates toilet but it's a place to live! They shouldn't complain- although my roommates did! Unfortunately some goldfish ventured down the toilet hole and were never to be found again- but we did manage to keep one alive for a while. He was a survivor.

3. One of our first official dates we went on was to the bowling alley. A bunch of us friends dressed up all tacky and went cosmic bowling. Before we went on this date I feared you we're to quiet for me. But, that quickly changed. You are very outgoing

4. Ice skating/ playing hockey!

I love you sugar booger!!
Love wife

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