Dear husband,

We only have TEN days till we get married!
I have so many emotions running through my head when I think about it!

So in honor of only having 10 days
I give you 10 things I absolutely adore about you!

1. Your patience's with me and every one else on the planet!
2. Your love for cooking
3. Your control over negative emotion. You don't get angry/frustrated/stressed easily!!
4. Your love for the gospel
5. Your un-dieing love for me :)
6. How you wear tight (fitted) plain t-shirts (MmMmmm)
7. Your love of adventure!
8. Your goofiness and craziness (even though I get annoyed sometimes--sorry! I love it though!)
9. Your freckles and luscious redish brown hair
10. How you love kids and how you can't wait to be a father

Love wifey

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