Saturdays song annnnd FIVE days!

Dear husband,

The other day I was thinking about how we met.
How is it that 4 years ago we decided to attend the same university where 90% of the time it's snowing {I exaggerate... a little}
How is it that we decided to take the same economics class from the same professor at the same time?
And how is it we we're both ending our previous relationship before we met one another?

Ok. Story time:
The previous semester I was tired of the same old same old and wanted a change of scenery. I know what your thinking. How oh how can anyone ever get tired of a land-locked small country town?
Well.. I did. and I think a lot of it had to do with the men in that small country town and university.
I was tired and pessimistic and hated dating.
I took the steps to apply for a transfer to another school- but never finished.
Why? well.. things kept coming up and the money I needed for my application was never there when I needed it. So... I didn't finish applying.
I decided to stay where I'm at. I had good friends and I was so close to finish my degree. There was obviously a purpose for me to be there. But I still was hating boys and broken hearts.
And like every other girl out there I prayed my heart out for that special day where I would met 'the one'.
Well 10 months went by and I got a boyfriend {we'll call him Ace.}
Then we started getting serious.
And then I asked myself "Is he the one?" and I got nothing. I felt nothing. I had a stupor of thought.
Well... I made a personal decision that I didn't and couldn't see myself marrying him.
So we broke up at the beginning of fall semester. The semester I met you.
After me and Ace broke up I was done with dating. I had my white surrender flag waving for everyone to see. I was tired of all the wrong boys, all the very very wrong boys.
I was ready for a genuine Man in my life. But I didn't want to date for a while.
Then we started classes.
I first noticed you when we did our personal introductions in class. You said your from up-north and you like to surf.
I though you were a little nerdy- but cool nerdy. You had a vibe that definitely screamed something at me. I was drawn to you- and It was weird cause well... you weren't my type. You definitely had the surfer laid-back look to you though. And I thought you were to cool for me.
I remember coming home after class talking to my roommate about you and how I need to man-up and talk to you.
Well I did. And here we are now! 5 days away from being husband and wife.
And a few months ago I realized my prayers we're answered. And we met.
And your the one.
Love forever wife

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