Let it SNOW!

Dear hubby,
I know you love to snowboard.
And frankly, I've always been a bit skeptical on how one finds joy in the sport.
Freezing temps, snow, bruised bum and wrist don't exactly scream fun at me.

But then today..
My brother and his friends came by and wanted to know if then could play around on your snowboard. You of course, jumped up, said yes and then immediately started putting on your snow gear.
You asked if I was going out and I said yes. (kinda-sort-of grudgingly; I just couldn't say no to your excited eyes)
I pulled my self away from the heater I was currently hovering over and started throwing on layers of sweaters and jackets, then dashed out the door.
The men built a little obstacle course which included a jump, while my brothers girly-friend and I threw snowball at Artie and the men at work.
(p.s Artie LOVES catching snowballs and eating them. It must sooth his teething gums)
The guys all took turns going down the course. There was lot of turns, twist, dog-running overing and of course, falls.
You could only play for a little bit and then off to work at the Mela-factory you went.
After the boys were done hogging the board (ahem) I decided to give it a whirl.
and then another.
and then another.
and then another.
Until my hiking boots (note: not snow boots) were filled with snow and my toes were numb.

And now I understand, why people love to snowboard.
You must teach me your awesome skills sensei hubby and I will forever be yours.

Love your-now-wanting-to-learn-how-to-snowboard-wife.

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